Corrupt ex-Bolivian minister to serve his sentence in the United States

US Business Director, Charisse Phillips, said today that the former minister of the coup government in Bolivia, Arturo Murillo, who is in custody in the United States, will serve his sentence in that country.

The northern diplomat explained in statements to the newspaper that the de facto former executive will remain in the northern country after the court’s ruling, before being extradited or expelled from the United States. Reason.

They are asking about the Bolivian citizen who is in the United States who is related to this issue. He will have to serve any sentence, be it for a year or 20 years before his extradition, ” Phillips added.

The representative of the United States, who admitted that he did not know “how advanced the case is or whether there are more accusations or complications,” referred to the existence of an extradition agreement between the two countries.

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He said, “But you must first abide by any ruling or provisions and investigations in the United States before you are expelled or extradited.”

The diplomat stressed that “I cannot comment on whether there is an extradition request or not, but there is an agreement to do so.”

According to Phillips, this return can be requested through the Washington embassy or the Bolivian diplomatic representation in the United States “for registration, and then to the Ministry of Justice for review.”

Morello, a fugitive from Bolivian justice, was charged and detained in the US along with other former officials complicit in the crimes of bribery, fraud, money laundering and belonging to an international mafia clan.

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