San Mateo Atenco will help pay for oxygen and medicine against the Coronavirus

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San Mateo Atenco City Council will subsidize up to 3,000 pesos for covid19 patients, to buy medicine, oxygen, oximeters or whatever they need to support their economy. In the first stage, there will be a fund of 1 million pesos, and According to the number of requests, the amount will increase.

And according to the mayor, Julio Cesar Serrano Gonzalez, those are supporting Dedicated to low-income people, Therefore, the delivery will take place after a socio-economic study.

“The aim is to give them support and support so that their health is not affected. We started this program a year ago with an amount of 2,000 pesos, but given the situation and the recovery of cases across the country, We will provide this support for up to 3,000 pesos“.

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Beneficiaries They must prove to be patients who are positive or undergo treatment From covid19, with Prescription or diagnosis from an official institution. In a similar way, They must be residents of the municipality And the Support your expenses with the bill A debate issued by a pharmacy or business related to supplies depending on the treatment of this disease.

Details of the operating rules can be consulted through the corporate social networks and the web portal:

According to the Salud del Estado de México (ISEM), San Mateo Atenco records 764 confirmed cases and 119 deaths.


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