Coronavirus in Guatemala today: How many cases were recorded on May 21

pandemic Covid-19 It continues to expand throughout the Central American nation and in the rest of the world. The figures are published daily by the World Health Organization.

Today, May 21, they report on 2.323 New cases of Coronavirus, 49 Of the deceased and 1.829 Who recovered. With today’s records, Guatemala I have already accumulated 246.156 Coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic.

The number of dead Covid-19 In this country they have already arrived 7.977 Persons. While the number of refunds 226.014 The patients.

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With these numbers Guatemala ranks 70th Worldwide in the number of cases of coronavirus infection since the beginning of the epidemic.

These are the 10 countries with the most cases to date: United State 33.079.478, India 26.031.991, Brazil 15.894.094, France 5,979,366, Turkey 5.169.951, Russia 4,926,717, United kingdom 4.473.767, Italy 4.183.476, Germany 3,646,592 and Spain 3.636.453.

While the total number of cases has already arrived 165.713.514 And the 3,434,193 deaths around the world. the number of Recovered Starting from today 102.053.930.

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