Cooperativism has its own promotional space at Sileda Food Fair

The Director General of Employment, Self-Employment and Social Economy, Covadonga Toca, visited today, at the 24th Atlantic Food Expo Salimat Abanca 2021, at the Sileda Fairgrounds, stands up The Ministry of Employment and Equality promotes the social economy and the cooperative as models of economic diversification, convergence, and well-being.

Toca toured the institutional space that includes nine companies in the sector: Bico de Xeado, Productores del Campo de Capela, Gaia SCG, Bodegas Eidosela, Cogal, Andaina Pro Saúde Mental Emprego SLU, Freshcut, Alcrique SCG and A Factoría do Lume SCG. Xunta provides these companies the opportunity to advertise and offer tastings of their local products such as cheese, jams, juices, wine, ice cream, liquors and sauces.

Within the framework of the exhibition, these companies will attend international meetings of buyers from Peru, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark and Portugal, among others, in order to open up markets abroad. The Director-General, in her presence, underlined the commitment of the Government of Galicia to the social economy, an appropriate model for strengthening the neighborhood and cooperative economy, which has shown tremendous resilience during the pandemic.

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