Controversy in the UK over the deportation of illegal immigrants to Rwanda

The British Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee questioned whether the British government’s plan Deportation of asylum seekers to Rwanda has an impact in deterring migrants researchers Irregular transit of the English Channel.

The MPs concluded in a report published on Monday that “it is not yet clear whether this will have such an effect,” in which they asked the executive branch to provide evidence as well as detailed procedures being implemented for Ensuring physical and mental health of those who were transferred.

In this regard, the Committee Denies the existence of a “magic bullet” to treat Irregular migration crossing the canal in perilous boats for which, instead, “detailed, well-founded, proven and adequately funded policies” are needed.

In 2021, more than 28,500 people arrived in small boats and They are expected to rise in 2022 to more than 60,000 by the end of the yearaccording to the report.

Faced with this increase, Boris Johnson’s government announced in mid-April an agreement with Rwanda under which A pledge to provide 120 million pounds for the development of the country African (more than 141 million euros) and this, in turn, was loaned to welcome asylum seekers from the UK.

Despite the ‘big view’ of boat arrivals on British shores – with tragedies such as the drowning of 27 people on November 24 – commission MPs remember that there were many migrants who were always They entered secretly by other meanssuch as ferry, plane and train.

The recent increase in the number of people choosing unstable boats has been attributed to enhanced security by French and British authorities in northern France, displacing the flow that used to Choose safer vehicles – Now more guarded – to the dangerous path to cross the canal by boat.

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For this reason, the committee warns of the danger of a “expensive victory” in the event of preventing the arrival of ships, as New, more dangerous roads can be createdAnd recommends more cooperation with France and the rest of the European Union, despite the obstacles to Britain’s exit from the European Union.

“The government risks undermining its own ambitions and the UK’s international standing if it cannot show that proposed policies such as pushbacks, now abandoned, and litigation abroad, such as the Rwanda Partnership now being legally contested, Compliant with international law and conventionsParliamentarians argue.

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