Activate alert level 4 because they may reach 40°C

At this point in the game, that shouldn’t surprise us anymore All world temperature records are broken. Heat waves, wildfires and criminally high temperatures have become the norm for alarm, but what’s going on in them England It really is to lose sleep.

This is expected next week – Especially on Mondays or Tuesdays – Reach 40°C.

Photo: BBC

Well, such are the nights in Hermosillo, Some will joke, but the truth is that The British Isles are not prepared for these extreme temperatures. the middle guardian Literally He wrote this weekend: ‘Experts warn that thousands may die’.

heat in england

Heat reaching this part of the world has caused emergencies in other countries, such as gachísimos fires in Portugalbut things can get very difficult in United kingdom. The British authorities made it clear Scotland also Ireland Can scratch more than 30 degrees Celsius, But the toughest battles will be in England.

Central cities such as London, Manchester and York can meet or exceed 40°C

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Photo: BBC

In the face of these temperatures, the British have activated a protocol that looks very troubling. They decreed that he will be there in the next few days national emergency and run alert level 4.

How dangerous is a Level 4 alert?

One might hope so 40°C People wear slippers and shorts and enjoy the summer, but the situation is worrying.

The Alert level 4 Is it The highest level of climate emergency in the UK. According to the government itself, it is activated when “The heat wave is so severe that it will affect transportation, access to water, food, business or health services.”. mucus.

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Photo: BBC

Just to get an idea of ​​what that means, the BBC has provided a list of official announcements that will be in place in the coming days. Here are some examples:

Meet a health expert guardian I confirm it They could talk about the deaths of up to 2,000 people in the coming days.

in one post, BBC make it clear This hot weather is not an opportunity to go out and play in the sunAnd the So they have provided all people in England with a contact number and emergency phone numbers for the worrying heat wave that is to come in the coming days. chalet

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