ALBA-TCP condemns US sanctions against Nicaragua

The day before, the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of the American Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) condemned the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States against 23 Nicaraguan judges and prosecutors.

The bloc confirmed, in a statement issued last Saturday on its official account on the Twitter platform, that this illegally and illegally imposed measure seeks to destabilize the political and social stability of that Central American country.

They added to it a call on the international community “to denounce this type of aggression that violates the fundamental principles of the Charter.
Likewise, the regional bloc endorsed its position in support of solidarity with the people and government of Nicaragua, as well as in the search for reconciliation and the unity of the nation.

The action imposed by the Department of State includes the revocation or prohibition of a US visa; prohibit the entry or entry of such officials into that State; Based on the Law Strengthening Nicaragua’s Compliance with the Conditions of Electoral Reform, known as the Renacer Law.

This coercive measure imposed by the United States on Nicaragua, It joins many of the unilateral nature that the White House dictates to other countries such as Venezuela, Cuba and Russia; To the latter country after the start of the armed conflict with Ukraine.

These attempts to establish a dominant power and curb pluralist positions on the part of Washington have found rejection not only in the ALBA-TCP, but also in the international community and in various forums of different kinds.

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