Consultation is a milestone of democracy: experts; Citizen practice

Mexico City.

Mexico is about to experience a historic moment in terms of participatory democracy by holding its first popular consultation, in which citizens will be asked if they are acting against the decisions of past political actors, as agreed by the National Electoral Institute’s advisor, Uuc-Kib Espada and Senator for Morena Martí. Patrice.

The electoral advisor indicated that for the first time in history, this popular consultation will be activated according to a legal framework ratified by the three countries, making it fully legal.

“It is the first major citizen consultation that takes place in accordance with a common legal framework. This is an indisputable opportunity.”

For his part, Marti Patrís emphasized that “this is the first consultation held by state organs in the history of Mexico. Because all the consultations that we have known, the Zapatista consultation, the Fobaproa consultation, among others, have been called by civil society organizations, or individual legislators ” .

He said the August 1 session “is an advisory proposed by the presidency, voted in both houses of the Federal Congress, upheld by the nation’s Supreme Court of Justice, and bolstered by the signature of millions of citizens.”

He added that along with the results of the consultations, this exercise will allow the acceleration of “democratic pedagogy”, as the focus of a vision for an “advanced” system in Mexico.

“Every practice of participation is important because it means the people’s participation in public and national affairs,” he said.

But he stressed that “the most important is the participation of the people, because besides the issues being discussed and the difficulties of the organization, consultation is important in itself because it allows the education of democracy.”

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It allows us to understand that democracy “is not just about electing representatives who make decisions, but also that citizens make decisions, at certain times, on transcendent issues,” Patrice said.

However, in the analysis table led by Pascal Beltran del Rio to radio picture, both showed their differences regarding the process of promoting the popular consultation, which will take place on the first of August, in which, in order for its results to be binding, at least 40% of the nominal list must participate.

To the voices of Morenost, including those of President Andres Manuel López Obrador himself, who asserted that the English National Institute had failed to promote consultations, Auck Cape Espadas replied that the said measure was constitutionally certain as of 15 July.

He stressed “neither before nor after”, stressing that “the institute has not been silent regarding the consultation. However, there can be no campaign-type promotion” until the date set by the constitution.

He added that the National Elections Institute must abide by the laws, regarding the possibilities of publication and discussion on the issues being consulted.

Meanwhile, Patrice Guadarrama noted that if votes are raised in Morena, “which is not their case”, it is because of a lack of interest from the electoral authorities.

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