Construir Cine 2021 announces films selected for the official competition

The 8th International Film Festival on Work Construir Cine 2021, organized by Construir TV and the social network UOCRA, has announced its official selection. Con más de 2500 obras inscriptas que llegaron a través de las plataformas FilmFreeWay y FestHome desde 35 países, se han seleccionado los 44 films que integrarán las 6 categorías oficiales la miraas los trabad Argentina the world.

The opening ceremony will be broadcasted via Construir Cine’s fan page on Facebook (Embed a Tweet), Vivamos Cultura, the Buenos Aires Ministry of Culture platform Building a YouTube TV channel Thursday May 13th at 5:00 pm

It will be the opening film that will open the festival Voluntary retreats By Argentine director Sandra Gugliotta. It will be available from Thursday May 13th at 5:00 PM through Sunday May 16th inclusive at https: // festival. And it will be accompanied by a question and answer with the director, it can be seen on Thursday the 13th at the end of the opening ceremony. This film was made thanks to the support of PAMPA 2030 (Argentine Agenda 2030 Monitoring Platform) and the United Nations Development Program (United Nations Development Program).

This year’s programs will also feature “Polish Film Lights,” which, through an exhibition curator, focuses on re-evaluating the rich audiovisual production of that country and promoting the publication of works dedicated to showing the impact of work on people’s lives and society in general, offering excellent films in which you can watch great double films. Siberian lesson s Argentine lessonIt is a cycle of 6 feature films and 12 short films, directed by the respected Eastern European filmmaker Wojciech Staron, who has been an advocate of the struggle for social rights.

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Mario Dorio, Director of Programming for the Festival, highlights:Making a precise program with a cinematic perspective is a new challenge every year, but we always find films that reflect the spirit of the festival, as work is the backbone of people’s lives and the topic of the world of work is always filtered out in the productions around it. the world. Especially in this very special year, work – or lack thereof – is an inevitable theme in all the subjects that have reached the festival. ”

All programs will be freely available throughout the country from May 13 to 29, 2021. Each movie will be able to be enjoyed through specific functions on 5 websites accompanying the festival in this edition. Days and events will be published on Monday, May 10 on the festival website.

In addition to programming, this eighth edition will have free special activities every day aimed at promoting the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda, thanks to the agreement reached with the Argentine platform for monitoring the 2030 Agenda: PAMPA 2030, the Argentine office of the United Nations and the United Nations Development Program.

Among the activities, the following stand out: Sophia Ferrero Carrega’s two-day workshop on film criticism from a gender perspective, and the main point on audiovisual and digital content for girls, boys and adolescents: a maze of challenges and opportunities and the round table: documentary films with relevance Social impact with the participation of the Geneva Human Rights Film Festival and the Danish NGO “Why?” , Among others.

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In the words of Alejandra Marano, director of the festival, “We understand that the world has already done the job of setting 17 tangible goals for itself to live in a fairer, healthier and supportive society. Mankind has already planted north and set a date for that goal. Sustainable development is being presented as an ultimate destination towards a better world. The challenge is to achieve this between now and 2030. This is our contribution, as we devote all the special activities of the festival to investigating how cinema and audiovisual audiovisuals in general should portray each theme of the 2030 Agenda, and at the same time, your contribution could be In publishing it to achieve impact in society. “


Short international documentary film
The future of sewing
| Enrique Rey Monzon – Spain
Snails don’t understand Sundays| Enrique Rey Monzón, Ainhoa ​​Urgoitia Santamaría – Spain
panorama | Caglar Avci, Ufuk Gürbüzdal – Turquía
IDA Traffic | Victor Augusto Mendeville Garavito – Peru
Small fish | Quentin Listian – France
Res U | Laura Da Silva – Canada
Moving on – XBUK ALO? | Aaron Marty – Switzerland

Short international fictional film
Houses from cardboard | Julen Zubiete – Spain
Climate change | Yasmine Demerji – Turkey, United Kingdom
the classroom | G-Hey Kim– Canadá
Thursday from comrade | Noemí Chantada Puime – Spain
Connection | Octavio Maya Rocha – Mexico
Just near the sea | The year of Andres Ossa – Chile
A believer life | Jesus Martinez of Spain

National short film
Green water | Luciano Nacci – Argentina
coexistence | Lucia Molina Karbi, Ishkhanian, Aileen Curtis, Mara Tatiana Lanuza – Argentina
Cucuracha | Augustin Torinho – Argentina
The last newspaper | Anna La Monica – Argentina
Between tiles | Nicolas Conte – Argentina
Lily seller | Igor Galluc – Argentina
Freedom 121 | Javier Rosanigo and David Ira Beer – Argentina
Health workers | Sofia Moscow – Argentina
Enterprise power | Lucila de Oto – Argentina
A crystalline symphony | Felipe Bozani – Argentina

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International documentary
Give me my hand | Konstantin Celine – Canada
In search of an outstanding teacher | Jerry Potter – Canada
Self cold | Lalit Vachani – India
The life we ​​know | Claudia Ribeiro – Portugal
Steel women | Robyn Murphy – Australia
Please wait online | Pavel Cosoyuk – Austria

International motion picture
Sugar on the knitting chair | Harvan Agustriansyah – Indonesia
Boy | Vital Machendra Bossal- India
Bony cage | Taylor Olson – Canada
Memory | Jose Ignacio Benitez – Chile
He was born and raised | Jorge Donoso – Chile
crystallization | El Haddaoui Driss – Francia

Patriotic movie
Chito chito
| Fabio Marcelo Zurita – Argentina
Like the wind | Raquel Ruiz – Argentina
Teacher | Julian Dabian, Cristina Tamagnini – Argentina
The ghost returns to the village | Augusto Gonzalez Polo – Argentina
Fish jump too | Diana Cardini – Argentina
White stain | Lucrecia Oviedo – Argentina
And we were | Federico Strifezzo – Argentina
last piece | Luciano Romano – Argentina

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