Conservative MP resigns over Sunak's plan to extend oil and gas licences

British Conservative Chris SkidmoreThe former Minister of State for Energy announced on Friday that he will resign from his position as deputy in protest against the Prime Minister’s plan. feathery SnackTo issue new licenses for oil and gas in the North Sea.

The 42-year-old parliamentarian informed the media that he would give up his constituency seat Kingswood (West of England) in the House of Commons next week, as sessions resume after the Christmas break.

The Prime Minister who will be invited this year elections generalreceived criticism from the opposition and Environmental groups To delay the ban on the sale of new vehicles from 2030 to 2035 gasoline And diesel and reissuing North Sea oil licenses to ensure the country's energy security.

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“Next week, the government will present invoice On oil licensing in the House of Commons. “This bill will, in effect, allow new, more frequent oil and gas licenses and increased new fossil fuel production in the North Sea,” the MP said in a statement.

“It is a bill to which I have previously expressed opposition,” and “As a former energy minister who enacted the UK’s commitment to net zero emissions by 2050, I cannot vote for a bill that explicitly encourages oil and gas again.” ” he argued.

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Because of the resignation, a by-election will have to be called to fill the seat vacated by Skidmore.

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