'Top Boy' says goodbye to Netflix: Watch the trailer for its final and third season

The popular series returns with another season, where it will be determined who will be the leader of the Summerhouse gang. (Netflix)

British drama Senior boy It is preparing to launch its third and final season. series Netflixwhich originally aired on Channel 4 (UK) before being revived by the streaming giant, has released a trailer for its upcoming episodes and hints at a turbulent climax.

The next installment, technically Season 5 if the original broadcast is taken into account, will premiere on September 7. The trailer carries a strong core of suspense with contemplative shots of the film's protagonists alongside scenes of civil unrest and inevitable conflict. Sully, played before Ken RobinsonAnd Dushane (Ashley Walters) remain the focus of the story, as their intertwined fates indicate great dangers in the new episodes.

British drama “Top Boy” ends with a flourish. (Netflix)

“For those who have followed the journey from the beginning, you will know how much this series means to everyone on our team and we know with all our hearts how much it means to you,” were Walters and Robinson’s comments about their deep connection. They feel about their imaginary peers. They're both ready to say goodbye and emphasize their importance to both the cast and their dedicated fan base.

In addition to the excitement shown in the preview, the new season introduces new characters, such as Johnny, who is played by him Barry Keoghanknown for his roles in Island spirits (The film was nominated for an Oscar) and Batman. He also adds Brian Gleasonknown as Slim masks And Bad sistersWho joins the cast as Tadgh.

Barry Keoghan will have a guest role in the final episodes. (Netflix)

“Two experienced merchants return to the turbulent streets of London hungry for power and money, but are threatened by a relentless young conman,” is how this fantasy is defined, which was rescued by… Netflix In 2019, after releasing its first and second seasons in 2011 and 2013, respectively. In 2022, the second part of the revival premiered and ranked in the top 10 most watched English series for three weeks.

As the series approaches its final chapter, the audience is awaiting this final part with great expectations. The streets of London as shown in Senior boyThey will never be themselves again.

Top Boy's London is transformed in its final season. (Netflix)

Season 3 will arrive on September 7 in the platform's catalog.

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