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Evidence kills the event and data kills the story, says Otto Granados Roldán regarding the 2024 income law proposal of the municipality of Aguascalientes to assess inheritances and donations between immediate relatives at 1.2%.

This year’s reduction in federal participation in Calvillo mainly affected Public Works, which had a P300 million portfolio in 2014 and 2015, and today there is only P43 million.

He called believers provincial, Juan Espinosa JimenezTo participate in National Eucharistic Conference. This event is characterized as a moment of contemplation and gratitude for the presence of the Lord in the Eucharist. In addition, it serves as preparation for the International Eucharistic Congress that will be held in Quito, Ecuador, next year, at the invitation of the Pope. Pope Francisco. The Aguascalientes delegation will participate next week with more than 30 people, young people, couples and elderly people who will go to the Diocese of Cuautitlán. He asked for prayers for the success of the event in the country, which will be divided into two parts: a theological symposium and a more popular conference that includes conferences and moments of eucharistic adoration… Evidence kills events He points out that data kills the story Otto Granados Roldan Regarding the proposed Income Code 2024 of the Municipality of Aguascalientes to assess inheritances and donations between immediate relatives at 1.2%. The former head of state says that for years, the trend to abolish this tax has been constant in other countries of the world, which chose, with technical economic arguments and reasons, to say goodbye and documents, on its Twitter account, notes from the past decade that read: “The United Kingdom is considering abolishing the inheritance tax, according to The Times; “Half of OECD countries have already abolished inheritance tax”; “LASO announces the abolition of inheritance tax”; “La Rioja government abolishes inheritance and donations tax”; “PAN in CDMX proposes to abolish inheritance taxes”; “Andalusia abolishes the inheritance tax on inheritance”; “The Council approves a draft law to abolish the inheritance and gifts tax” and “Sweden abolished the inheritance tax, why?”, among others. The article, this last one, states: “…it was not only Investment stagnation And the Job growth Which prompted Swedish lawmakers to cancel this tax. In Sweden, politicians and experts have also realized that the community’s efforts to evade taxes have yielded enormous results Costs to the economy“. Moreover: “One of these reasons is Evasion. According to their studies, ingenious methods have been devised to evade this, such as aggressively plunging companies into debt before handing over inheritances. Thus, the company lost a lot of its value, which led to a reduction in tax. It was the last entry The salaries of the owners’ children are enormousThrough which wealth is transferred during life in the form of salaries. These and other legal tricks have taken time and money, hurting the growth of the business.” One professor concludes: “In Aguascalientes the mayor proposes to implement it. Oh! and given his project for re-election the proposal must have come from someone who appears to be his friend.”… In short, the proposal in The hand of the representatives, whatever that means… Primary education For infants from 0 to 36 months, the MP proposes, by the way Cuauhtémoc EscobedoThat’s why he was presented to Congress Point of Agreement urges the Aguascalientes Educational Institute to provide this service with stimulation, psychomotor skills and guidance for mothers and fathers, as “Aguascalientes has only 7% coverage, which means that only more than 4 thousand girls and boys receive this special service.” Attention.” Does the legislator forget that the state does not even cover compulsory pre-school for children from 3 to 5 years 100%? It seems complicated then, giving more commitments to the IEA that is still entrenched in the wake of the extinct epidemic… Come on. It’s a serious question… Extending the perimeter of the exhibition The next year he motivated the Chancellor Gustavo Granados Let us remember the economic and social importance of the San Marcos National Fair and its great influence on various aspects of city life, so expanding its space will contribute to enhancing these benefits. Therefore, he stressed the importance of involvement Downtown Merchants Association So that these traditional companies actively participate in the event and benefit from the influx of visitors. Center merchants have the option to temporarily move their services and products to the fairgrounds or temporarily close their business during the event. Expanding the expo’s perimeter not only expands the entertainment and business offerings for attendees, but also strengthens the relationship between the expo and the local community. With this decision, the festival is consolidated as an event of national importance that strengthens the economy and promotes the integration of all commercial sectors in the city… Mayor Calvillo He recognized the impact this year’s reduction in federal contributions would have on his municipality. Daniel Romo Urrutia He commented that the most affected area was Public Works, given that in previous years, like 2014 and 2015, there was a portfolio of 300 million pesos and today there is only 43 million pesos, “and Calvillo is a municipality of 100 communities where everyone needs attention, and we We intervene in various situations in public works. He also said that with the disappearance Fortasig There is already 13 million pesos that the municipality has not received in terms of security, which was intended for equipment, video surveillance cameras, the purchase of patrol vehicles, the approval of salaries and the incentive of the same elements of the company. “Today, Governor Thierry Jiménez has sought to develop strategies to stimulate companies, and this has also led to municipal secretariats or public security directorates undertaking this task, but it has very strong effects on the treasury and also cuts off ideas on how to develop some matters. Public policy, where That they cut 30, 15 or 20 million pesos without warning, this has a strong impact not only on the administration but on the development of the daily life of the citizens of the municipality.”…

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