From a movie! Archaeologists unearth a treasure trove of hundreds of thousands of coins from the bottom of the sea

Sardinia, Italy.- A team of archaeologists found a treasure trove of between 30,000 and 50,000 Roman bronze coins on the Mediterranean coast. Arzachinanorth-east of the island of Italy Sardinia.

Coins known as “Foolishness” It dates back to the fourth century AD, before the fall of the state Western Roman EmpireTherefore, it was minted with the face of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great And his family.

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The treasure was found at a shallow depth between the beach and the seabed, about 20 meters from the coast. The coins are in an exceptional state of preservation, which will facilitate archaeologists’ studies.

“This discovery is one of the most important discoveries in recent years.” He said Italian Ministry of Culture. “The coins will provide us with valuable information about the economy and society of the Roman Empire in the 4th century AD.”

Video: Italian Ministry of Culture

Archaeologists believe the treasure may have ended up at the bottom of the sea after a merchant ship capsized in the area.

The treasure will be transferred to National Archaeological Museum of SardiniaWhere it will be displayed to the public.

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The last record of the discovery of similar coins was in 2013 in United kingdomWhere 22,888 Foles coins were found.


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