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Suleiman highlights medical achievements

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Mauricio SuleimanThe President of the World Boxing Council expressed his satisfaction with the agreements reached at the Third National Boxing Medicine Congress. After three days of work, he made it clear that the road ahead of us is still long and arduous.

The event, organized by Fecombox and CMB, concluded with the promise of a strong and important program of work. Suleiman He stated that efforts will focus on preserving the physical integrity of the boxer before, during and after fights.

Prevention and education

Despite the important progress that has been made, Suleiman He stressed that prevention and information are essential. He stressed the importance of identifying warning signs and addressing them to prevent accidents in the ring.

He referred to the boxer’s recent condition Jorge Michel Muñoz Zavala. At the age of 43 and after nine consecutive defeats, Muñoz Zavala He was eliminated in Tijuana in two rounds Omar Chavez. Suleiman He considered that fights of this kind should not be allowed.

Medical work

Suleiman He is confident that the dedication of the doctors attending the conference will help prevent similar cases. He stressed the importance of informed decisions and the commitment of medical professionals.

Decisions and the future of boxing

The CMB President emphasized that good decisions had been made and acknowledged the desire and passion of the doctors and commissioners. He reiterated the need to continue the important and ongoing work.

Suleiman It was announced that the conference reports would be written and it was agreed that it would be held every two years. In addition, a virtual meeting will be held every three months to follow up on the agreements and goals established.

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Action Plan

An action plan with short-term, measurable goals will be developed. Suleiman He stated that commitment to the boxer’s physical safety will be the main focus of all future procedures.

The President of the World Boxing Council stressed that the safety of the boxer is the priority. In each fight, the focus will be on ensuring the physical safety of the athletes, minimizing risks and promoting a safe environment.

The importance of cooperation

Suleiman He stressed the importance of cooperation between all actors in boxing. Doctors, trainers and commissioners must work together to ensure the health and safety of boxers.

Continued medical research will be encouraged to improve safety practices and protocols. Suleiman He stated that science and medicine should guide decisions in the field of boxing.

Continuous training

Continuing training of clinicians and trainers will be essential. Educational programs will be implemented to ensure that all participants are aware of best practices. -Age-

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