Concern about Afghanistan among priorities for Putin-Merkel meeting – Prinsa Latina

At a joint press conference with German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, the president stressed the need to prevent “terrorists” from leaving the Islamic State who are turning into supposed refugees, posing a danger to neighbours.

The head of state called not to impose “foreign values” on the Afghan nation, which has been devastated by many years of wars and internal conflicts.

In this sense, he referred to the need to end the will to build other democratic states “on the basis of foreign models, without taking into account historical, national or religious idiosyncrasies, and completely ignoring traditions.”

For the president, “this is the lesson of Afghanistan.” In turn, he explained that the rebel forces have taken control of almost the entire country, “a reality that must be taken into account so as not to allow the collapse of the Afghan state.”

“We see that the Taliban has already declared the end of the fighting, started to restore public order, promised to ensure the safety of civilians and foreign diplomatic missions, and I hope all this will come true,” he said.

Putin renewed his government’s support for starting a national dialogue in which all political, ethnic and sectarian forces participate.

“We must do our utmost to unite efforts to support the Afghan people, normalize the situation in this country and establish good neighborly relations,” he said.

On Friday, Merkel considered it positive to continue dialogue with Russia, despite the differences between the two countries, at the beginning of the meeting with Putin.

“Although there are differences between us, it is good to talk,” the president said, stressing that Moscow and Berlin “have a lot to talk about,” including the crisis in Afghanistan, trade relations and bilateral cooperation.

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Among the issues to be analyzed by the bilateral and regional agency, the visitor also mentioned the situations in Ukraine, Libya and Syria, relations with Belarus and issues related to the treatment of civil society.

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