Con Aguero’s valuable advice to Pep Guardiola: “Now that I haven’t played…”

Sergio Aguero He made his debut in Independiente but became an idol for Manchester City. The Argentine striker played for Citizens Between 2011 and 2021 and over ten years he won great titles and achievements. At that period – and more precisely since 2016 – it was directed by a certain person Pep Guardiola That came from winning everything with him Lionel Messi Barcelona And success in Germany with Bayern Munich. Undoubtedly, these two standards in European football had a great relationship that emerged not only on the pitch but also off it. Today, Kun is no longer playing. A heart problem, only when he signed a contract with Barcelona, ​​left him off the field of play for good.

From his home, he watches the matches and follows the campaigns of the teams he played for. Also, the sports fanatic, watch other matches like the Copa Libertadores, Champions League, European Cup and even the occasional South American match. He, with so many years of playing football with him, is encouraged to even give his opinion and give his vision for the game.

Kun Aguero has become one of the stars of Manchester City because of his achievements on the fieldTwitter / @ManCityES

This is what it is now After watching the Manchester City and Atletico Madrid match in the Champions League, He was encouraged to give Pep Guardiola’s advice. From afar and across the stream. Look at a player, notice What is your favorite And he left a special request – and a warning – to DT.

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Then my favorite player came, he played Phil Foden And as usual Change the game. Well, I don’t know what the topic is but… Bebe, give me more Phil Foden. Now that I don’t play anymore Put it on a little longer, nothing will happen and Gorgeous The attacker said via Twitch that he’s breaking it. “I told you, you asked me one day. You said to me, ‘Who do you love?’ And I said to you, I said to you, Phil Foden and I said, ‘Good.’ And I said to you: He, He, He. If you ask me I will tell you.”

Advice given by Kun Aguero to Pep Guardiola

Phil Foden He was born in Stockport, UK and at the age of 21 became the great present and future of English football. The youngster made his Manchester City debut under Guardiola in 2017 and gradually gained a place and a presence at his club and in local football.

in total Played 159 games Throughout his career, he transformed 42 goals and 31 assists She managed to become one of the most promising football players at the moment. On the other hand, with his young age, He already has ten titles, All with Manchester FC and all the stadiums, including three Premier Leagues and an FA Cup.

Phil Foden in Manchester City training (Photo by Tom Flathers/Manchester City via Getty Images)
Phil Foden in Manchester City training (Photo by Tom Flathers/Manchester City via Getty Images)Tom Flatters – Manchester City FC

In the last Champions League match where the Nationals beat Cholo Simeone’s Atletico Madrid 1-0, the British entered 68 minutes and changed the duration of the match With risky plays, dangerous advances, and accidental goal positions that, unfortunately, did not materialize.

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