Committed to gastronomy? The ambassador-designate of the United Kingdom is seen eating a pizza tray in London

Looks like the next day UK Ambassador for Colombia, George Hodgsonparticularly committed to his appointment, a few weeks after landing in these Colombian territories to replace Colin Martin Reynolds in the diplomatic post.

This is the way he showed it on his Twitter account, where he showed himself in a Spanish-scripted pie eating the typical Antioquia dish –pizza tray– and ask for suggestions for other dishes to try when you arrive in September.

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“Good pizza here in London!” I know there is a lot to discover about Colombian food. Leave me your best recommendations when I arrive.”Celebrated by many Colombians, Hodgson says in the Trail, he recommended dishes such as ajiaco, sancocho, valona, ​​chobe and fish with coconut rice, among the many options for the country’s gastronomic diversity.

Hodgson’s appointment was announced in April, although it was made clear that he would start playing the sport from September. According to the UK government website, the next ambassador to Colombia is Full-time training in Spanish from the year 2021.

also, Hodgson has been a member of the State Department for 20 yearswho was the British ambassador to Senegal and a non-resident ambassador to Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau.

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During 2020, he held the position of Deputy Director and then Director General of the COVID-19 Task Force at the Ministry, and between 2019 and 2021 he served as Deputy Director and Head of the North Africa Department of the Middle East and North Africa Directorate.

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