Commandments of solidarity for internal well-being

The legacy we leave for future generations has a name, a Will of Solidarity, and a date to celebrate the value of these appreciative gestures: September 13, World Will of Solidarity Day.

In a world that often seems centered around the individual, a date like today (September 13) inspires us to consider the legacy we want to leave for our future generations through an act like the will of solidarity, which remains a powerful force. An expression of generosity that allows people to direct all or part of their assets to the projects of nonprofit organizations that work tirelessly to address social, medical, educational, and environmental challenges.

In the past five years, 22 non-profit organizations have been formed www.haztestamentosolidario.orgThey received 1,565 wills of solidarity, a trend that is increasing thanks to him To the platform His job is to inform society of the possibility of leaving a legacy to improve the lives of others and the life of our planet. According to the data of the latest annual report prepared by In 2022 alone, the non-profit organization received donations from 325 people who decided during their lifetime to leave a permanent mark on the world through their wills, amounting to €40,985,380 million, 21% more than in 2021 (€33.8 million).

The support goes beyond the financial donations we are used to. It involves empathy, compassion, and a true commitment to the well-being of others. Many studies have shown that practicing solidarity not only benefits those receiving help, but also has positive effects on our happiness and well-being. Helping others activates areas of the brain associated with pleasure and satisfaction, making us feel more connected and accomplished, bringing us closer to a certain meaning in life.

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“This feeling of contributing and feeling part of solidarity is also linked to the inner well-being that gratitude produces, and to its twofold direction, which benefits not only the person who receives and thanks the thanks, but also the person who gives and accepts it. “Solidarity makes us feel just, fulfilled and complete.” Angel Peralbo, psychologist, teacher and publisher, explains what solidarity means “Something like closing the circle, contributing a part of yourself, a part of what was earned.”.

“For me, it is peace of mind and happiness to know that when I am not here, thanks to my legacy, I will contribute to the preservation of the world”; “I feel happy because I am doing an act of generosity, which is also supporting research because I know my family will benefit.”are some of the statements of people who testify After making the joint will.

For an NGO, receiving the news that they have been included in the will is a huge relief that reveals the humanity of these people who have a final desire for transcendence. There are many projects and businesses to which all these donations are allocated, also keeping in mind that the non-profit is exempt from transfer taxes. In this way, they allocate 100% of the amounts received to help those most in need, to advance medical research, to accompany the elderly, to treatment, to defend human rights, to educate children, as well as to projects aimed at protecting our most valuable asset, the planet on which we live.

*Data from internal study conducted by the non-profit organizations that make up the platform Click on the link to see some testimonies of people who have submitted a will of solidarity for an NGO

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About It is a platform made up of more than twenty non-governmental organizations, whose goal is to inform the community about the possibility of including one or more non-profit entities in the will. Thanks to these donations, the lives of the most vulnerable people and our planet can have a better future.

The media platform was launched in 2006 and consists of the following organizations: Action Against Hunger, UNHCR, SOS Children’s Villages, Friends of the Elderly, Amnesty International, UNISFAD, CRIS Against Cancer, Red Cross, Educo, Fudación Aladina, Josep Carreras. Foundation, Pascual Maragall Foundation, Greenpeace, Manos Unidas, doctors of the world, medicusmundi, Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam Intermont, Plan International, Save the Children, Val d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus, and WWF Spain.

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Below is a series of frequently asked questions when creating an heirloom. Certificate of Solidarity in favor of Médicos del Mundo “Your life can contain many lives”

Doctors of the World is part of the platform, It was formed by more than twenty non-governmental organizations, with the goal of informing the community about the possibility of including one or more non-profit entities in a will. Thanks to these donations, the lives of the most vulnerable people and our planet can have a better future.

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