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It is normal for football fans to see great dribbles and terrible mistakes. However, in a charity match between Influencers The YouTubers, which was held last weekend at the London Stadium, caused a huge stir among the audience and the audience social networks; This happened after one of the players responded to the referee’s yellow card with a card from the famous board game “UNO”.

What happened in the football match?

It all happened in a non-professional friendly match at the London Stadium, located in the United Kingdom, a few days ago, where Sidemen FC and YouTube Allstars, made up of English-speaking internet celebrities, met. In that match, the central referee of the match, Mark Clattenburg, was very surprised by the unexpected reaction of one of the players when he received the yellow card, which was completely different from what he was usually accustomed to.

In the 77th minute of the match, content creator Max Foch, from YouTube All Stars, tried to take the ball from one of his opponents, but in frustration he made a pass that was too strong, and was able to commit the foul. . Then the referee did not hesitate to show him the yellow card, in response the YouTuber showed a card from the famous board game UNO, which can be read “reversed”, and is one of the least liked cards.

This narrative moment sparked some amusement among those present on the field and gave the referee a slight smile, who left immediately. It did not take long for the video to be shared on social media as it spread across various channels and caused users to be amazed by such a strange moment in sports. Finally, the encounter ended with Siedmen FC winning 8-5 over YouTubers.

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How much did the charity match raise?

According to local media, the party was able to raise a good amount, which appears to have been three million dollars. These profits will be donated to various charities. Likewise, this game was broadcast live on the YouTube page, so it was also well received by English-speaking fans who were looking forward to this bizarre football match in the country’s capital, London.

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