Colombian Juanita Guertos has been appointed Human Rights Watch Americas Officer | international | News

Colombian Human Rights Watch appointed Juanita Jubertos on Wednesday as head of the so-called “Department of the Americas”, which is responsible for monitoring respect for human rights throughout Latin America.

Gubertos, a well-known Colombian environmental activist, has so far sat at the Bogota conference for the Greens, and also participated in the peace process with the FARC, but when her date became known, she announced via her Twitter account that she would refrain from participating. Future participation in national politics.

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Gubertos said it was a “great honor and challenge” to take up the post left by José Miguel Vivanco, a Chilean who has been in charge of the Americas since 1994 and who has been distinguished by his direct style and disapproval that has escaped neutrality or diplomacy. language.

The Colombian will take office in August, during which time Tamara Tarajyuk will be in charge of the department.

Human Rights Watch, one of the most respected human rights organizations, prides itself on being “an organization without any political orientation that conducts rigorous and impartial investigations into human rights throughout the region.”

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Human Rights Watch warns that Latin America faces the most serious setback in human rights in decades

Its president exactly for nearly three decades, Kenneth Roth, voluntarily left the management of Human Rights Watch in August, a resignation according to sources in the organization due exclusively to personal reasons and without any internal contradictions about his trajectory.

Under Roth’s leadership, the NGO has grown dramatically from a small network of regional groups with around 60 employees to a giant corporation of more than 500 and covers more than a hundred countries. (me)

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