Colombia has a new regional body to verify the ceasefire

The Deputy Minister of Social Dialogue, Equality and Human Rights at the Ministry of the Interior, Lilia Solano, participated in the symposium; Governor (H) of Arauca, Wellinton Rodriguez; Bishop of the Diocese of Arauca, Monsignor Jaime Cristobal Abril; And Mayor Edgar Tovar.

Representatives of the four components of the national body of the Mechanism also participated, which include the National Government, the National Liberation Army (ELN), the Episcopal Conference of Colombia, and the United Nations Verification Mission, the latter of which are the entities that accompany and participate in the Mechanism.

The office said that the installation witnessed a large presence of civil society and local authorities, who showed special interest in this issue, given the current situation in the region.

He expressed his hope that the implementation of the mechanism in Arauca would contribute to preventing accidents, resolving problems, reducing the intensity of conflict, allowing society to participate in the peace process, and improving the humanitarian situation of the population.

On August 3, the government of Gustavo Petro, representing the state and the ELN, implemented a 180-day bilateral ceasefire throughout Colombian territory, with the possibility of extending it.

This is considered one of the main agreements reached between the parties at the peace talks table, which concluded its fourth session on Monday.


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