UATx advances modernization and pioneering strategy in the classroom

UATx advances modernization and pioneering strategy in the classroom

September 6 – 2023

From the College of Economic and Administrative Sciences

To promote educational excellence and teaching and learning processes, the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala (UATx) received Rep. Alejandra Ramírez Ortiz, Chairman of the Committee on Education, Culture, Science and Technology of the 64th Local Legislature and donated two screens that will contribute to the implementation of the Modernization of Classrooms and Vanguard Strategy (EMVA).

This law, framed in the objectives defined in the Institutional Plan for Accelerated Improvement 2022-2026 (PIMA), was realized by the management of Dr. Enrique Vázquez Fernández, General Coordinator of Graduate Studies, and will benefit undergraduate students in Management and Public Accounting from the Tlaxcala Campus. .

Speaking, Professor Mario Franz Sobieta Zekoa, Director of the College, said that this measure seeks to transform the spaces in which students prepare to face the challenges of the future, which is necessary, as the equipment must think about virtual teaching, in addition to being carried in the context of the existing integrative humanitarian model. On Capacity (MHIC).

He explained that EMVA has already become a reality in economic and administrative sciences with the participation of various entities that have contributed to its realization with solidarity and compassion, which was confirmed in the recent tour by Dr. Serafin Ortiz, Dean of the University. UATx, accompanied by Mr. Héctor Vásquez Galicia, former rector and former director of this university district.

In her intervention, Representative Alejandra Ramirez said that it is necessary to implement measures that lead to equal access to quality education; Consequently, the entity’s highest study council has reinforced the dynamics that contribute to enhancing this. In this sense, my duty is to support higher education through this kind of solidarity action,” he said.

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Later, Aislinn Lilan Gonzalez Jimenez, on behalf of the students, expressed her gratitude to the UATx authorities and Representative Ramirez Ortiz for donating these screens, which will further advance the progress in modernizing the classrooms of her college and thus, remain at the educational forefront in the country.

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