FAO warns of famine in the Gaza Strip due to Israeli attacks

In an interview published by the press office of the Food and Agriculture Organization, on the official website of that organization, Bekdol noted that as a result of Tel Aviv’s bombing of the Gaza Strip, “there are unprecedented levels of acute food insecurity and hunger and conditions almost comparable to those of famine.”

“Before the conflict, Gazans had a self-sufficient fruit and vegetable production sector, populated by greenhouses, and a strong small-scale livestock production sector,” the senior official noted.

However, as a result of the Israeli attacks on those lands, which began more than four months ago, and which have so far caused the deaths of about 27 thousand people, as well as the animal stocks and infrastructure necessary for crop production, have been destroyed.”

“Every day that passes without a solution to the conflict itself, and without achieving a ceasefire or other end to hostilities, more people go hungry and have less access to much-needed food, nutrition, water and medical services.” Bekdol stressed.

“It is an unprecedented situation we find ourselves in,” he said, noting that in terms of classifications of emergencies, crises and disasters, “Gaza’s population of 2.2 million people can be considered to fall into these three categories.” “.

He called it “worrying because every day we see more and more people on the verge of starvation and entering it,” and specified that the total population of Gaza “is at this point, probably about 25.0 percent of those 2.2 million people.” They are in that category.”

In the face of this dangerous situation, “it is difficult for us to be on the front lines to provide any kind of support to agricultural production because most of it has been severely damaged, if not destroyed,” stressed the FAO Deputy Director-General.

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