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Countering criticism from those advocating for the UK to leave the European Union, the British actor's agent confirmed that Firth would remain “very British” but would prefer that all family members have the same passport. His wife is a film producer Livia GiugioliThey have also applied for a British passport in the past and their two sons **Luca and Matteo**, aged 16 and 13, who were born in Rome, have dual citizenship. The actor admitted: “We never thought about having different passports, but now, in the midst of uncertainty, we think it is reasonable for all of us to have the same passport.”

Although it is a bureaucratic procedure, the fact is that if in the future the translator decides to settle in a trans-Alpine country, he will not face any difficulty. The family usually vacations in Citta della Pieve, a small rural town located in the province of Umbria in central Italy. Specifically in this equally romantic situation They married in June 1997two years after they met on the set of the TV series.Nostromo“, adapted from the novel Joseph Conrad.

On occasions, the actor, who speaks fluent Italian, would joke about what it would mean to marry an Italian citizen. “When you marry an Italian, you are not marrying one person, you are marrying a family and perhaps an entire country.”

Escaping Brexit… and taxes

We don't know if he was encouraged by the example of his professional colleague, but the fact is that Colin Firth is not the last British actor to “flee” Brexit. British actor and director Ralph Fiennes He has just received his Serbian passport from the country's president, Aleksandar VucicAfter recently obtaining citizenship.

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the hero of the story'The English Patient“He is a great expert on the Balkan country.” In 2008, he chose the landscape of Serbia to make his directorial debut with the film “Coriolanus”. He is currently filming a biographical film about the ballet star in Belgrade. Rudolf Nureyev.

Outside the United Kingdom, there are many film stars who, for various reasons, choose to change their nationality. The apparent ease with which the Russian President dealt with Russian President Vladimir PutinHe is ready for that Open borders For famous foreigners, **Steven Seagal** was convinced last year to officially become a Russian citizen.

The actor, singer and martial arts expert then defined Putin as “one of the world's greatest leaders.” Since then they have appeared together at many official events in Moscowwhich became New Hollywoodwith an increasing number of celebrities – and riches – per square metre.

One of the most controversial cases of “autonomy” from his country is that of Gerard Depardieu. In 2013, the French actor obtained Russian citizenship after relinquishing his French citizenship as a result of the passage of a law by the country’s government at the time. François Hollandewhich imposed an additional tax on Wealth exceeding one million euros. Depardieu initially tried to move his residence to neighboring Belgium, but facing criticism from his compatriots for escaping the French closet, he decided to flee even further, renounce his citizenship and embrace Putin, and not just metaphorically.

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