Princess Eleanor: This may be an annoying reason why there are so few friends in Wales

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family life Queen Letizia and King Philip As well as the details of everything live Princess Eleanor At Atlantic College has practically become a mystery since she moved to boarding school in Wales and only occasionally details emerge of how the Princess of Asturias lived at the UK’s most prestigious school.

And it must be difficult to reconcile a society that demands transparency, with the communication strategy and privacy policy imposed by Kings Felipe and Letizia, who only publish everything that has to do with their public business and their work as king.

Although there is little information about Princess Leonor, this time it is royal journalist Jaime Penafiel Reveal what the heir to the throne’s IB owners think Unfortunately, the picture is not as sweet and as much personality as it looks.

his “solitary life” in Wales

On February 10, 2021, the Royal House announced in an official statement that the Princess of Asturias will study at UWC Atlantic College, a very prestigious boarding school located in Wales where the future Queen will hold two baccalaureate courses.

There Leonor is expected to emerge with a more mature attitude, as a crucial year awaits her for her future in the Crown as she will take over the position of Head of State from Philip VI. however, Some of the information circulating in the Spanish newspapers indicates a somewhat immature attitude.

The royal journalist has collected some testimonies questioning the noble image of the heir to the throne since she was in high school: “Two mothers of a fellow girl at school (Santa María de los Rosales) told me she told them: ‘From now on, you have to bow down to me.“.

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They say that too The Princess did not change her behavior on her journey to Wales, and even there, having few friends, she would have displayed an arrogant attitude. Besides being surrounded by security, which intimidates any association with other students.

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