Club America can play at home in the United States after the redesign of the Azteca Stadium

he Club of America could He plays As a local Some games in United State For the 2024 Clausura after the renovation work on the Azteca Stadium begins in January, it is possible that the matches will be held in… Los Angeles California.

In addition to the fact that Club America can play in the Azulgrana Stadium, they can also play some matches at home but in the city of Los Angeles since it is a city with a monopoly. Lots of fans America and it will be a good opportunity to unite fans.

Mauricio Pedroza announced on social media that it will not take long for Club America to announce that the team will play some matches at home in addition to playing at the Azulgrana Stadium in the upcoming Clausura 2024 tournament.

When will Club America stop playing at Estadio Azteca?

he Club of America Pass to him Recent matches in it Aztec Stadium Because they will start with redesigning Starting next January and February for the 2026 World Cup and the Americas You will stop playing there Of those months.

Starting in 2024, Club América will no longer play at the Estadio Azteca due to renovations, and the stadium will be closed in January and February so that renovation of the stadium for the 2026 World Cup can begin.

America will play at the Estadio Azulgrana, and pending confirmation, they could also play some home matches in Los Angeles, which would be January-February 2024 for the following year’s tournament.

Aztec Stadium (Ulysses Naranjo/Mix Sport)

Club América’s next match is in the 2023 inaugural tournament

After the FIFA break ends Club of America Returns to activity Opening 2023 to Day 13 Subordinate Mexican League You will receive this Saturday 21 October To Santos Club at Estadio Azteca Stadium.

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The American team will seek to remain in first place in the tournament after being undefeated, and in the last 5 matches it has not known defeat, as it has achieved 4 victories and one draw since the eighth round of Apertura 2023.

While Santos have 14 points in 11 games as they have a game in hand, if they want to aspire to the playing places, they will have to overcome the unbeaten America on a very complex field in the tournament.

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