The House of Science hosts the exhibition “Botanica amoris” by photographer Pablo Logroño San Juan – Spain

It will remain open to the public until March 17, 2024

City Promotion Advisor, Miguel Saenz, inaugurated the exhibition “Botanica amoris”, hosted by the House of Sciences until March 17, 2024. The director of the center, Dolores Fernández, and the author of the images, the photographer from Logroño, Pablo San Juan.

The exhibition is an intimate photographic essay, exploring the sensuality and alluring power of flowers, their ephemeral beauty, their harmony and sensitivity.

In these works, Pablo San Juan experiments with the immediate analogue support of “separation”, which has now disappeared. Images of flowers at their peak merge petals and threads with arbitrary and sticky shapes resulting from intervention in the development process. Therefore the result achieved is unique and unrepeatable.

The exhibition thus proposes, in times of climate crisis, an approach to plants and nature through art, uniting voices and efforts in defense of the environment.

In addition to photographs, given the media nature of House of Science, a new area of ​​interest has been incorporated into this exhibition project, by explaining and detailing the different technical processes used from various supports for instant photography. For this reason, the exhibition includes cameras, photographic materials and computer graphics.

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