Cleaning worker gets Gucci fashion show contract after spotted in London

his name is Clara LouiseHe is 24 years old and has become the face of major international brands like Gucci. Lucky break It changed his life completely, And stop working as a cleaner to Become a model Seen on the streets of London.

Rob Wilson Manager From Agency FOMO Models, I saw the young lady In Hackney, East London, in June 2019. At that moment, W. He suggested them to castings One of the best international fashion brands.

He told the magazine, “Rob saw me on the street on his way to the gym and asked if I had ever designed. I told him no, I wasn’t indifferent to that, but we had a conversation and the rest is history.” “subway”.

Louise identifies herself as “a normal East London girl” and continues to follow her I dream of working as a teacher. “It just wasn’t in that world,” he explains of his beginnings in fashion. Action Then As a cleaner In different addresses, but now it feels proud To be able to say “I am paving the way and will be able to tell my grandchildren that I was Gucci model.

Since then, young people She appeared in various collaborations, Including her photo on the cover of “Pictiony” magazine in an ad with Gucci.

“My self-esteem increased”

In her Instagram post, she explains, “I got into modeling, not sure what I was really going to be. I wasn’t sure what my body image was or what people would say.”

“Give me time to really love myself and take advantage of all opportunities It has increased my self-esteem. I’m still excited, “she confessed, while adding all the people who helped her thank her for changing her life.

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