Chromecast player at great discount and free shipping

The promoted model is the third generation model which is one of the most advanced models offered by the company that has established Male in appearance This, among other things, provides compatibility with the above mentioned OS, as well as with iOS. One of the things that attracts the attention of this device is that it is very easy to use, as you simply have to plug it into an outlet HDMI portSo it works for screens and smart TV, and let it begin. However, you already have it fully available for use.

Regarding the dimensions offered by this Chromecast player, it has to be said that they are quite small, since then It does not fill even the palm of the hand. This ensures that you will not face any problems when used with TVs that have back connections and even those that are hung on the wall. Anyway, and while it may sound like a lie, there are also quite a few Chromecast extensionsAmong them is no shortage of extension cables or guards.

Simplicity, the key in this player

We say this, because once installed, it is possible to send content from smartphones using a Very low difficulty. In general, you simply have to choose in the app that you are using an icon in the form of a TV, when you click on it, the device is detected and when you choose it, it starts playing automatically. This is the case in developments like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Obviously, this product allows you to give a file New life for TVs that don’t have a good operating systemAll applications on your device can be used with this device.

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The new Google Chormecast player

Offer to buy this Chromecast player

There is now a discount on eBay that allows you to purchase this product with an extension Discount That link to 25%, So you only have to pay 29.90 € to buy it at home (as you don’t have to add anything to the shipping costs at this time). The latter means that you should not waste much time to take advantage of an existing promotion. We leave the online purchase link for a Google device gaining power to work on a USB port Or, if this is not possible, plug in.

If you’re wondering what image quality this model allows, it has to be said that it arrives High accuracy, So that the content on the Internet is now used perfectly. In addition, everything related to communication is done through it WIFI, So you don’t have to enter any cables to use it, which is always a nice touch.

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