Apple Fitness + hits nearly 300 workouts a month after its launch

Just over a month after the launch of Apple Fitness +, the service includes nearly 300 exercises in total. Quite a few, although divided into very diverse types of exercises, coaches and duration. The production rate is very high The service first appeared and still has a lot to prove.

293 Apple Fitness + exercises 26 new this week

Apple Fitness + was released on December 14th In a few countries. Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States They are the only ones who are available, without knowing a date or second wave candidates. All of them coincide in being Anglo-Saxon regions, so language and teachers can play a role in their expansion.

It has also been collected in Mac rumorsApple Fitness + added 26 new exercises this week, for a total of 293 exercises. Although it looks like a lot, we must bear in mind that there is A broad classification of exercises (10 in total), durations and coaches. So there may not be many sessions of a particular type, such as the 30-minute HIIT sessions.

Types of Apple Fitness Plus exercises

The inclusion of a new type of exercise means taking into account different periods and screens, which increases the complexity of its production. The effort required to Adding more variety to Apple Fitness + Large. Although the service has only just started.

It remains to be seen how Apple will handle its international expansion. the easiest way Can be dubbing and translation Of existing exercises. Of course, for further adoption it would undoubtedly be necessary to register at least some courses with local coaches.

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Jay Blahnik and Apple Fitness + Motivation Keys

Jay Blahnik

Apple Fitness + isn’t a service aimed at people who are accustomed to exercising, but it’s more designed To expand the target audience. In an interview I collected CamelJay Blahnik, Service Manager, Leave some clues about it. Specifically, he stated that “everyone is invited to the party” in an apparent attempt to target the type of client he aspires to be.

Ultimately, Apple Fitness + is a service designed for the Apple Watch. To the extent that It cannot be used without company control. Due to the popularity Wearable Among users who start to worry about their health, interest is evident in attracting the majority of customers.

So the coaches are varied and friendly, they are experts in their field and they will push you for serious training, but they will also encourage you and keep you motivated to continue it.

Blahnik says it can be seen “from the first video I tried.” Describing the service as “a place that welcomes, supports and motivates you”. Finally, the new service chief ensures that when the Coronavirus epidemic passes, People will return to the gyms. But he is optimistic that “more people will practice more methods than they did before.”

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