Colombia wins gold in basketball at the Pan American Games

Brazil and Colombia will compete in the women’s basketball final at the 2023 Pan American Games in SantiagoBeating Argentina and Cuba respectively on Saturday in the semifinals.

The Brazilians moved forward to defend the title they won four years ago. In Lima 2019, when it defeated the United States in absentia in Chile with a resounding victory over Argentina with a score of 77 to 57.

Star Laila Al Zaabani led the attack of the current American champion With 19 points, fifteen of them on threes, against a combative but clearly outclassed Argentine team.

Argentina, which has never been on the podium at the Pan American GamesVictoria Gaona (14 points) and Camila Suarez (12 and three assists) were the team’s most prominent players.

In addition to the championship twice. Brazil will seek its fifth gold medal in this way on Sunday In the Sports Center 1 of the National Stadium in Santiago, against an opponent they beat without problems 78 to 57 in the group stage.

Colombia wants to make history at the Pan American Games

In Santiago Stadium he will fight against A Colombia, which will play its first Pan American Games final, After defeating Cuba earlier, and strongly, by 73 to 48.

The coffee makers, who brought the Chilean capital to the base of their distinguished team, They annihilated the Islanders thanks to the skill of their offensive leaders: Carolina Lopez (15 points) and Jennifer Muñoz (13).

Manuela Rios, with eight assists, pCuba’s defense was crushed, plus problems in depth He had obvious problems putting together plays in the Colombian zone.

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Cubans began to forget the chance to win a fourth Pan American gold medal; They last won the title in Santo Domingo 2003, when they gave up a 16-point lead in the second quarter.

Since then, the Baristas, who have already captured a silver medal, the first medal they have won in the sport at the Pan American Games, have They dominated the feature in the National Stadium’s Sports Centre.

Now they will compete for the gold medal against the favorites in the final on Sunday (23:00 GMT). Cuba and Argentina will compete for the bronze medal on the same day from 8:00 PM GMT.

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