The Last of Us: Everything We Know About The TV Series

Of all the video game-based TV series – and not a few specifically – that will be released in the coming months, one is undoubtedly the most anticipated series. The last of usWhich finally began to form. Originated from its beginnings as a movie, Naughty Dog’s license will finally arrive in several chapters on a date that has yet to be determined, because it is clear that its filming did not even begin, after it was known this week who would be the interpreter who would be placed in the skin of her heroes, Joel and Ellie. However, despite the months still ahead, we already have a decent amount of data to collect on this very interesting and promising production. Let’s see them.

Who is behind the series?

Let’s start with what worries fans the most, and this is the script, which guarantees its fidelity to the story we know, because it is Neil Druckman himself, creative director of The last of us Along with Bruce Straley and The Last of Us Parte IIWho will be in charge. Druckmann won Best Director at The Game Awards 2020 for the second part, but we know that the story the series tells us will be determined in the first game, or rather, it will be almost the same. But Druckmann will not be alone, and will collaborate directly with Craig Mazin, the creator of the hit ChernobylWhich is why he already has some experience in post-apocalyptic environments, so to speak. Mazen has other lesser known productions to his credit, but strangely enough, he also played the most absurd comedies in Scary Movie 4 and Superhero Movie, as well as the most successful Hangover 2: Now in Thailand.

Behind the cameras, there will be an acquaintance of Mazen, such as Johan Rink, who is also the director of Chernobyl and a former of some documentaries for music stars such as David Bowie or Madonna, but he will only appear in the first chapter, due to incompatibility with others working according to the official version. After that first episode, the young Russian man – who is only 29 years old – will assume his duties by Cantmir Balagov, better known as “The Great Woman”, whose events are set in the Russian city of Leningrad after World War II, but he managed to be awarded at the Cannes Festival Cinematic twice, both with only their films: The Aforementioned and Too Close (2017).

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Joel and Ellie actually have faces

This has long been a cause for speculation by the entire community, but ultimately we can put a face to those who will play the two great heroes of the story this story tells – with Abby’s permission -. Vigo Mortensen, Gerald Butler … There have been several actors who have been talked about for months to put themselves in Joel’s shoes, but finally one of the men who is hired to actually play this guy in Thousand Fights will be Pedro Pascal. The Chilean-born actor has a practically perfect age – in April he will be 46 – for this, but he also comes for the role with an already overdue career. After starting it in a TV series like Law and Order, CSI, The Mentalist, or Homeland, his first large-scale role was in game of Thrones, As Oberyn Martell, also known as Red Viper, followed by his role as Javier Peña in Netflix production, Narcos. But his approach to cinema is also big, having appeared in movies like Kingsman: The Golden CircleAnd the Equalizer 2 Or newer Wonder Woman 1984.

Pedro Pascal

Pascal continues today to be one of the biggest TV phenomena of recent years, the beginning of a series of Disney productions exclusively for television. In this way, he is already a beloved Star Wars fan, having made great adventures in the two seasons available from The Mandalorian, A series that brought all fans of the galaxy saga with it, after the troubles of the recent trilogy.

Meanwhile, we will see young Bella Ramsey as Ellie. Ramsay is a very good age to act in several hypothetical seasons, that at the age of seventeen we can see her as Ellie from The Last of Us – where she is 14 years old – and in her more mature version of The Last of Us Part Two, which is In her protagonist 19. Ramsay has recently appeared in movies like the comedies Holmes and Watson, along with Will Ferrell and Ralph Fiennes, as well as in TV series that are particularly popular in the UK such as The Worst Witch, but here we know her especially for her role, Once again, in Game of Thrones. In the very popular series, she played Liana Mormon, named in honor of the late Liana starkBut in the plot, we discover her as a young leader who is able to deny allegiance to the king of Westeros, Stanis Baratheon.

Bella Ramsey

But with both of them, the cast of the series can’t be wrapped up very often, and we still have a few VIPs to meet. From Tess, Joel’s first company, to Tommy, his brother, through other important minor characters from the first installment such as the Henry and Sam brothers, to the ruthless David and his group of cannibals, or the Marlene core, there are still many names to be revealed. about her.

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The story you will tell us

It has been confirmed that The Last of Us, at least in its first season, will be based entirely on the original game. That way, we’ll witness the moment when Joel and Ellie meet for the first time, and live their journey across the country until they arrive in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Fireflies Hospital is located. However, Mazen did anticipate that while they would not change the story, they would expand on some events. “I do it with the man who created the series and what we’re changing is designed to fill in the gaps and expand, not for retreat, but for expansion,” he said in July 2020. Still with everything, knowing the extremism of some fans – for whom Laura Bailey, Abby’s translator was a victim – realizes that yes or yes, there will be criticism. He admitted, “I think I’ll hide in bunker when it opens because you can’t please everyone.”

The last of us

The matter does not end there, which is that the fans must remain very attentive, because according to Mazen himself, we will see several deleted scenes from both matches that will leave us “speechless,” he said. As the screenwriter says, it was Druckmann himself who told some of them, and Mazen felt obligated to include them when assessing the impact it would have on the audience. “We had to do that. Nobody would stop me from doing that.” Mazen said, “They would have to shoot me to stop me from rolling it. There are many others like that. “

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Having said all of the above, we can’t help but wait, unfortunately for a very long time, to see in action this much coveted series premieres. HBO The date has not yet been determined. Before the release of The Last of Us Part II, it was ensured that production would not start until after the game was released, but the Coronavirus crisis has definitely disrupted many of those plans. We’ll wait, longer, for the first trailer.

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