China has made a trillion dollars “artificial sun” that exceeds the temperatures of a star

this week, China His latest innovation: a multibillion-dollar “artificial sun” is now in operation. According to the recorded numbers, Temperatures five times higher than the sun For 17 minutes, he set a new world record.

The actual name of the machine is EAST which is a nuclear fusion reactor. As noted by its creators in ChinaAnd This is a trillion dollar “artificial sun.” It reached a temperature of 70 million degrees Celsius for one second, thus being the highest temperature ever recorded by a human-made machine.

China created "artificial sun" trillion dollars

China has created a trillion-dollar ‘artificial sun’

He added, “The operations that we have recently carried out have been achieved Based on solid scientific work that allowed the construction of this nuclear fusion reactorGong Xianzhu, a researcher at Chinese Academy of Sciences Who leads the team responsible for the “artificial sun”.

On the other hand, he explained that the atomic-level process that occurs in a reactor is similar to that that occurs in stars. “This releases a huge amount of energy without producing any kind of greenhouse gas. or nuclear waste. So we can face a new source of energy for all of humanity,” said the scientist.

However, the achievement does not mean that the reactor is ready for use and that the entire planet will be able to use that energy. Replicating what happens inside a star is not an easy task. Especially since the process generates turbulence and heat so intense that not all materials can contain it. Explosions and fires are just some of the potential risks and that’s why progress is slow. In fact, Already in 1958 many scientists tried to do this, but to no avail.

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How was the “artificial sun” funded?

According to Chinese government estimates, EAST, or “artificial sun” as it is now widely known, costs about $1 trillion. sum, 35 countries participated Although China led the team. In this way, a register of nations collaborating together to develop scientific advances of this kind was created.

China created "artificial sun" trillion dollars

China has created a trillion-dollar ‘artificial sun’

Some of the countries present were the United States, the United Kingdom, India and several European Union countries. On the other hand, the largest magnet in human history has been developed. It is necessary to produce energy inside the reactor and it is 280 thousand times stronger than that covering the planet Earth.

It is expected that all collected information will be available on the Internet by 2025, so more scientists in the world can obtain accurate data on energy production from nuclear reactors. Additionally, China plans to build another in 2030 and, as reported, The United States aims to have a device with jobs by 2025. If so, the goal is that by the end of the decade the energy from nuclear reactors can be commercialized around the world.

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