Golden Globe Award Winner Power of the Dog

Last Sunday, January 9, the 79th edition of the Golden Globe Awards took place. Which rewards outstanding in film and television. One of the evening’s most important awards was the award for Best Dramatic Film, which won the “The Power of a Dog” award.

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This film production is an international collaboration between New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada, based on the book of the same name, released in 1967. Directed by Jane Campion, a New Zealander known for being one of the world’s most important filmmakers.

Cast members include Benedict Cumberbatch (Phil), Kirsten Dunst (Rose), Jesse Plemons (George), and Cody Smit McPhee (Peter). Registrations began in January 2020; However, with the advent of Covid-19, it had to be postponed. After 5 months, filming continued until it was broadcast around the world.

This production is classified as a drama, with a psychological overtone. The plot focuses on two brothers with different personalities: Phil, who is a tough guy, and George, who is a good guy. The latter is secretly married to the village widow, Rose, who has a son.

The battle begins when Rose moves in with her husband and son-in-law, and Phil uses Peter, son of the new tenant, as a pawn. The latter is characterized by an androgynous character, therefore it is a mockery of people. With these circumstances in mind, it would be difficult for both of them to stay on the farm they welcomed as their new home.

The Power of the Dog premiered at the Venice International Film Festival on September 2, 2021. It was later released for a limited time in theaters in New Zealand and Australia.

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On December 1, take to the public spectrum with its launch Netflix.

In addition to the aforementioned award, the tape won two other awards for acting, such as: Best Directing for Jane Campion, and Best Supporting Actor for Kodi Smit-McPhee who plays Peter.

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