Chile Femenil defeats the United States at the Pan American Games | Mexico News

Chili pepperHand in hand with her star A goal keeper to Olympia to Leon, christian Endler, And greater experience was defeated this Tuesday 2-1 To choose United State And you will play The grand finale to Women’s football Subordinate nineteenth Panamerica Games Next Friday against Mexico at the stadium Elias Figueroa From the coastal city Valparaiso.

A tall archer, his chosen one FIFA The best in the world in 2022was necessary to stop the attacks of the North American players, who appeared more focused, with a lot of danger on the flanks, but after 16 minutes, they actually ran to their gloves in one of the visitors’ best chances.

Send a center into a poisoned corner Ava McDonald (FC Dallas), one of the most interesting players on this young team that the United States brought in for match practice.

Little by little, Chile reorganized itself, was able to lower the decibels of the American attacks and began to approach a target Sonoma Casica (Florida Premier FC).

Until the 38th minute, a ball was suspended inside the area after a foul that flew to his head Karen Araya (Madrid CFF), who opened the scoring with a wonderful shot.

  • Guadalajara Club
    Andres Alonso

The goal gave momentum to the South American national team, which continued its attack, motivated by the goal and the encouragement of the crowd, until it penetrated into the goal area. Daniela Zamora (University of Chile) ended with a penalty kick.

Maximum penalty converted by quality Yanara Edo (Colo Colo) In front of the delirium of the fans and the confusion of the North American players, who entered the dressing room two goals behind, claiming that they were the best in the match.

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The second half began with the same tone as the first, as the Americans searched for Endler’s goal and the goalkeeper put on her gloves to deny them the goal. His save in the 48th minute was of tremendous quality.

But the player he could not stop was Emre Adams (Solar Football Club) four minutes later, who left very quickly and scored with a powerful left foot to give his team hope.

From there until the end, the North Americans wanted it and couldn’t. The Chileans, who have more experience, did everything in their power to preserve the score, which Endler left at 2-1 with a new intervention in the last minute.


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