Reflections on Artificial Intelligence in the Economic Sciences Professions – Commerce and Justice

Written by Dr. Patricia Caro

Exclusively for trade and justiceArtificial intelligence (AI) is not new, although it has seen significant development recently . It is a system and set of capabilities expressed by computer systems or… Sets of algorithms whose goal is to create devices or machines that mimic human intelligence

To perform tasks that can improve while collecting information, which is favored by the large amount of data that is continuously generated. Kiss The dilemma of whether AI is replacing human activity or whether more humanity is needed with AI
In each of the activities carried out, we are left with this last idea, that technological solutions based on artificial intelligence must take into account the social value they provide and the risks they entail.

Do not exaggerate in saying that everything is bad, and that robots will replace humans, but rather educate yourself and use all the technology that allows you to give value and contribute positively to knowledge. inMarch 2023, the Montevideo Declaration on Artificial Intelligence and its Impact in Latin America was signed , in which the productive potential of artificial intelligence systems is recognized, as well as the risks that their reckless growth brings. That’s why he mentioned that Technologies in general and artificial intelligence systems in particular, Among other things,They must be placed at the service of the people

improving the quality of life, complying with and respecting human rights, not harming people, reducing their environmental impact, and improving productivity leading to improved working conditions and the quality of employment. In these times,The economics specialist is no stranger to the development and use of technologies that include artificial intelligence Therefore, it is important for the professional to be trained and familiar with these tools so that he can draw conclusionsWhat tasks can be automated and what cannot be automated

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in order to carry out activities that generate value for the profession, but at the same time protect the public good.

There are many diverse applications that contribute to economic science. Among them we can mentionAnalyzing large amounts of data at high speed in the field of finance and accounting ; theDetect anomalies in systems ; theImprove workflow ; Forecasting defaults or financial crises, such as forecasting other events based on the behavior of various variables over time;Automating tasks and information in customer service ; Social and semantic network analysis in order to provide recommendations on products and services; evaluation of social programmes; Analyze customer or user complaints to speed up responses

solutions and many other applications that can help professionals make decisions, based on the information they process in real time. These and others Many procedures that can be implemented

Using AI tools must be performed within the framework of professional ethical principles. Therefore, it poses a great challenge in university institutionsIt is important to obtain and verify information

And develop criteria, arguments, critical thinking and analytical skills to use technology correctly, which opens the way for adapting study plans, in order to enhance students’ training in these technologies and tools, with their scope and limitations.

“There is no social value in technologies that simplify tasks for a few people, generate significant risks to the dignity of many others, and limit their development opportunities, access to resources and rights” (Montevideo Declaration).

* Co-Director of the University Diploma in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and its Applications in Economics and Business – Faculties of Economics (FCE), Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics and Computing (Famaf) at UNC.

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