Billie Joe Saunders casts strong suspicion on “Canelo” Alvarez

MEXICO._ Billy Joe Saunders expressed concern after learning that promoter Eddie Hearn was planning a £ 168 reunification battle between Saúl “Canelo” Alvarez and Caleb Blunt, a subject that makes him think their May 18th meeting may be static. .

The Mexican boxer intends to win the WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO middleweight titles, although to do so he must first beat Saunders, who holds the last championship, and then go to Blunt.

“When people make other plans before this plan is implemented, it is because of certain things,” Saunders analyzed for iFL TV.

“The fight may already be fixed, it will be a scandal if it is already fixed and the results are already ready. We know there is a lot of corruption in boxing, so there are two things: Either the outcome of this fight has already been fixed or the dice will turn out to be justice for all. “.

The Englishman also asked that there will be no one among the judges from his country, and there will be a Mexican judge, which contradicts the agreements reached to carry out the fighting.

“I have not yet come to the essence of the matter, but I want someone to explain it to me, but from the start, this is not an acceptable thing, it is not an equal field, is it? Let’s be fair, I was calm, but I am not blind.”

Despite his ideas, Saunders promised that he would fight “Canelo” Alvarez in an attempt to salvage his second loss in his career, as he is not in the US just to “cash a check”.

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