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Since the beginning of this week, the news started appearing in the various media outlets. In the United States, Volkswagen decided to change its name to the Volkswagen VW, as it increasingly switched production to electric cars.

Several agencies reported that the company led by Herbert Des on a global scale, decided to change the name of its branch in the American Federation, in line with the new philosophy and the electric future of the ship owner, as the company has strong investments in this type of mobility, such as the electric ID.4 models.

But … don’t believe everything you read, because they don’t realize that this was just a joke that the company will reveal this week as part of its April Fools’ celebration, as April 1st is celebrated with jokes in the United States, as well as in Poland, France, Finland, Austria, Australia, Germany and Italy. And Belgium and the United Kingdom, among other countries.

It is a celebration equivalent to the Day of the Holy Innocents in Mexico, which is celebrated here on December 28 according to Spanish tradition.

Some people close to the company tell us that the automaker this Thursday will come out to clarify this situation, but at the moment they were already a “popular topic” on the many social networks in the many markets where they have a presence, including Mexico. This is called a good advertising strategy.

Kite, still far from the target

March is over and the Papalote del Niño is still far from its goal of raising 50 million pesos to survive.

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The museum run by Dolores Bestigi has already collected 32 million 390,377 pesos, according to the website portal, meaning that they only carry 64.7 percent of the 50 million target to save themselves. Those responsible for this site, located in the second section of Chapultepec Park, decided to extend their collection program until the end of April.

They are optimistic that in April they can reach the goal and not disappear, as they are appealing to the goodwill of the citizens, who hope to be more active in providing this space as thousands of children annually have fun and learn new skills and knowledge.

So far, about 60 percent of groups come from Papalote’s popular partners Museo del Niño, which are companies like ADO, Herdez, Bimbo, GNP, Citibanamex, Bayer, Chedraui, and more. The path is missing.

CDMX gyms are up and running again a year later

Since this week, gyms in Mexico City have managed to reconnect treadmills, elliptical machines, bicycles and all equipment in the Cardio District, which has been discontinued for more than a year due to the pandemic.

The Mexican Association of Clubs and Gyms (AMEGYC), headed by Rodrigo Chávez, has finally celebrated with great fanfare the decision of CDMX Prime Minister Claudia Shinbaum to return this “air” to them.

The maximum length of stay in the gyms will last in 60 minutes, with the use of mandatory face masks, health distance scales with appointment system and capacity limit.

In the Mexico Valley metropolitan area, the association that integrates chains such as Sport World, Smart Fit, Nelson Vargas and others has 4,150 gyms and sports centers, which equates to 32 percent of the total. in the country.

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Almost 20 percent of branches did not resume operations because cardio activities were the main attraction to them. We hope they get back their muscles.

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