Celebrity House: Check out this week’s reality show schedule from Telemundo

La Casa de los Famosos is one of the Mexican productions that breaks into Latin America. The plot of the reality show, since its first presentation, was mired in intrigues and even disagreements on the part of the participants, who plan to remain in the competition.

On this note, we tell you What is the reality show La Casa de los Famosos, from when can you watch it on Telemundo and who are the participants fighting to keep the $200,000 prize.

What is a celebrity house?

La Casa de los Famosos is a reality show that revolves around the relationship between 16 celebrities of Latin entertainment, including characters such as Stefani ‘Tefi’ Valenzuela, Gabriela Spanic, Christian de la Campa, Celia Lora and Uriel del Toro. They live in the same house without contact with anyone outside and under the surveillance of hidden cameras that record 24 hours a day.

What time does La Casa de los Famosos start?

This Telemundo production begins every Tuesday at 7:00 PM (Eastern time) and 6:00 PM (Central time) in the United States. In Peru, it can be seen from 6:00 pm.

How do you see La Casa de los Famosos live?

Telemundo is available on many pay-TV operators in Peru, throughout Latin America and the United States. Simply rent a package that includes it in its channel list. You can order it from your operator if it does not have this signal. In the last mentioned country you can also find it in their open signal channels in different sites.

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Who are the participants in La Casa de los Famosos?

  • Stephanie Valenzuela
  • Celia Laura
  • Pablo Montero
  • Anahi Izali
  • Christian Estrada
  • Kimberly Flores
  • Kelvin Renteria
  • Jorge Aravena
  • Daniel Vargas
  • Gisela Abumrad
  • Veronica Montes
  • Gabriella Spanic
  • Christian de la Campa
  • Aurel del Toro
  • Roberto Romano
  • Christina Eustace

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