Celebrity chefs are taking off their aprons tonight

Today, 10:30 PM, Masterchef Celebrity Argentina First Edition stoves will be lit for the last time. Reality show Which became the program of the year on public television.

Telefe stoves will be warm after hitting the highest average rating, every night, Monday through Thursday, crushing no less than LaFlia-produced hosts for El Trece. And on Sunday nights, at each knockout party, the chefs peaked in the rating, just as the Pick-Off had done before in the middle of a tough quarantine, without the football ritual.

Since 1990, when Frank Rodham Masterchef, a UK cooking competition franchise program, created the various variants of the brand being rating guarantees and repeat seasons on First World’s channels.

alternative big success Landed at Telefe in the middle of a pandemic, but that’s not the only condition that explains such success.


The proven figure combined a passion for food rather than cooking, in a TV studio with exemplary architecture, infrastructure and resources, where “famous” chefs were not very famous but more famous than second line.

Competitors had to do something nearly all humans do, namely cooking. The jury was to guide, judge, and pass judgment. The pairing, which was performed on a fake live and on the air, was very effective.

The ending is known in every episode: It’s food with elaborate names, painted and beautifully illustrated, like a pin of ambitious earthly pleasure.


The guarantee of the functioning of this universe was granted by the trio of judging, each of whom moved with an aura of Chef Dedicated between stricter rules, compromises and teachings.

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As good actors, each set their roles from day one: Donato de Santis Like the cute Tano and Beola; Damian Petular As a delicate and detailed pastry chef, and German martitigi In his final dedication as the frown villain, who was already training before the facts.

However, the advice of sage chefs would not have been so comfortable without the leadership Santiago del Moro, Electric, precise, gestures with full control on timing Cooking.

he is Pour Smart made them wear an apron, among other things, the actor Hippie The old man, former singer of La Torre, Jewish comedian actor of the moment, former Turkish footballer, fan of Calabro, daughter of Paciano, star Greek, actor-Pantera, musician-ape, blond combiero from Poland, nodding influencer, journalist fond of extravagant headgear and former staple of Maradona.

The characters’ pairing clearly worked and allowed viewers to discover or rediscover the profiles not just because of the way the onions are cut. Brunoise But, above all, by side narration with the conscience of the speaker and looking at the camera, each of them, as a fourth wall.

Film music

Every night was spent against a backdrop of constant cinematic music amplifying every second of suspense, between jogging and stomping in the varied supermarket – as there was no queue or ticket payment! Adhere to or ignore suggestions to judge what and how you cook creative culinary whims.

Then came the work at each stop, without viewers suspecting the amount of tangible assistance each participant received from gastronomic advisors from El Gran Premio de la cocina (El Trece).

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What matters is not the prize or whoever wins. The important thing was to reach the climax of the televised drama in each episode: the moment of tension in which both of them were Chef He took a bite and didn’t hold back. And the response of the corresponding contestant.

Today ends Marterchef Celebrity I. There are already 14 entrants insured on the second issue, which will be released in March.

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