The Spanish series that infiltrated the ten most watched sites on Netflix in just two days

Alba continues its success after passing through Atrismedia. fantasy championship Elena Rivera Shown for the first time in Atreus Player Premium In March 2021 it went to peak broadcasting on Antena 3 a year later, achieving a very positive audience for the channel week after week. But in addition to that, the series has also been well received on Netflix, where it has been available since July 16.

The series, inspired by the Turkish “Fatmag├╝l” story, entered the ranking The ten most viewed non-English-language novels on the platformto reach fourth place with 19.9 million watch hours.

Some of the data is more surprising given that it corresponds to the week of July 11-17; Therefore, it has been among the most watched Netflix worldwide Only two days after the first show.

In just one week, “Alba” captured the attention of viewers in many countries. In areas like Argentina s Uruguay He was placed in the first place of the top 10, while the audience The United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom They’ve also put it among the most viewed books in their catalog for several days.

also, The series reached number five in Spain Despite the fact that it is the third broadcast window, it was seen on both Atresplayer Premium and Antena 3. Its free pass was recorded An average of 13.6% of the audience with 1.6 million viewersIt became the most watched Spanish series on the network since 2019.

“ALBA” star Elena Rivera, one of the actresses of the moment. The projects “Ines del Alma Mia”, “Drought” and “Heirs of the Earth” are some of the projects I have worked on in recent years. One of her most memorable roles is that of Kareena in “Tell me how it happened.”Goodbye series from 2018.

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Eric Massip, Alvaro Rico, Adriana Osiris, Paul Hermoso, Jason Fernandez, Beatriz Segura and Miquel Fernandez, among others completed the cast of “Alba” that produced it. Boomerang TV.

This is “Dawn”

Alba is a brave young woman. However, after returning to his village for vacation, A promising night out turns tragic when a group of men sexually assault her. The next day, she wakes up naked on the beach. A year ago, when he left his expected life, he could not have imagined that in the big capital he would again meet Bruno, his longtime neighbor and whom he had never been interested in. What was once separated by a simple street that never happened, is made possible in a city of four million people.

In a chance encounter, as unlikely as it is magical, Alba and Bruno fall madly in love. Nothing can separate them. Until that fateful night. Inexplicably, three of the four attackers are Bruno’s best friends. but when Alba discovers the identity of the fourth manThe end of the nightmare is in fact the beginning.

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