Telegram is not making money (for now), so who pays the party?

Telegram is completely free, so who maintains it?

Last updated 01/17/2021 at 22:05

Although WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app at the moment, the truth is that there are more and more alternatives that we can find on various app stores.

On the one hand we have the reference, An app that was placed in the top 1 of the most popular apps overnight And on the other hand Telegram, the tool we always recommend because we consider that it has many more functions than WhatsApp itself.

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Now, there is a question that many users are asking. We already know that WhatsApp has a giant like Facebook behind it and it works thanks to our data and ads but, How is Telegram funded and continued?

This is how Telegram is preserved

Telegram is still one of the most popular messaging apps out there.

Telegram was created in his day by Dável Dúrov, Russian nicknamed Mark Zuckerberg. It was this guy’s idea To create a completely secure private messaging app With which we can talk to our contacts and make sure that no one is spying on us, not even Telegram itself. Of course it should be completely free.

This is how Telegram was born and still alive, a messaging app with tons of functions and that’s what made us in love. But, if users pay nothing for Telegram, how is it funded? Who is behind its maintenance?

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Although Telegram is free, maintaining its entire infrastructure is clearly not. According to Nerdshalk Media, ** Telegram exists primarily thanks to the money Dúrov himself invests in his ++ app. Dúrov didn’t create Telegram to get rich so making money with Telegram is not among his plans. In addition to the donations made by its creator, Telegram also lives on thanks to other anonymous donations that any user can make.

However, there is a problem. More and more users are using Telegram on a daily basis Therefore, the app is more and more expensive to maintain and some suspect Telegram can only survive on donor income. For Druff, Selling Telegram was not an option but he realized that it was necessary to look for other sources of income to make Telegram continue to be the Telegram we all know..

This means that unlike WhatsApp, Telegram will not be sold to a sinister company like Facebook, so despite looking for other ways to invest other than donations, Our privacy when using Telegram appears to be guaranteed.

So for the time being, Telegram will continue to be funded through donations, but it will likely announce soon another kind of funding, yes, it will keep the spirit of Telegram, that is, To remain a private and secure messaging app for millions of daily users.

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