They rescue the horse “Caramelo” stuck on the roof of a house due to floods in Brazil

The animal was suffering from dehydration but is recovering in a veterinary hospital.

The horse he was nicknamed candies He caught the attention of social media users across Brazil when a TV news helicopter saw him trapped on a roof in the south of the country, where dangerous floods killed him. More than 100 people died.

About 24 hours after seeing it for the first time, while people were calling for its rescue, a team from a Brazilian state arrived Rio Grande do Sul She was able to rescue Caramelo on Thursday, giving some hope to the troubled area.

The brown horse swayed for days between two narrow strips of asbestos sheets Canoesa city in the metropolitan area Porto AlegreIt is one of the worst affected areas in the state, with much of it isolated due to floods.

“We found the animal in a weakened state,” Captain Thiago Franco said. Sao Paulo firefighter Who was sent to lead the rescue operation, according to a statement by the Minister of State Security. “We are trying to handle it calmly.”

Firefighters and veterinarians climbed to the partially submerged surface and anesthetized and stabilized the horse before placing it, which weighs about 350 kilograms, in an inflatable raft. Four rubber boats and four support boats were used in the operation, along with firefighters, soldiers and other volunteers.

he The rescue was broadcast live Through television channels, which took pictures from their helicopters. Influencer Felipe Neto Send updates to his nearly 17 million followers on X while the rescue is happening. She later offered to adopt him. “Caramel, Brazil loves you. Oh my God, what happiness,” he wrote.

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GangaPresident’s wife Luiz Inacio Lula da SilvaHe posted a video clip sharing the good news with the Brazilian President, and whispering in his ear during an official event. He smiled, gave her a thumbs up and hugged her. Governor of Rio Grande do Sul Eduardo LightShe also celebrated the rescue, posting to X: “All lives matter, we stand firm.”

Caramel is recovering in the hospital

Mariangela AllgaierA veterinarian and professor at the institution said Thursday afternoon on social media that the animal arrived in serious condition. drying.

Caramelo is approximately 7 years old and has likely been used based on its characteristics cart draft animal, He pointed out Bruno SchmitzOne of the veterinarians who helped rescue and evaluate the horse told the television network Globo News. He added that he was also very calm, which helped a lot when administering tranquilizers.

“It was a very complex operation, well above the standards of the specialized teams,” he said, before Caramelo appeared standing. “I don’t think they have gone through anything like this before, but thank God it went well.”

The horse is just one of Many animals that rescue men They fought for Save in the last days. Some were rescued by state agents in Rio Grande do Sul 10,000 animals Since last week, thousands more have been saved by municipal members and volunteers, according to the state’s housing minister.

Animal protection groups and volunteers have shared photos of rescues and touching scenes of pets reunited with their owners on social media. In a video clip that went viral, a man is shown crying on a boat, hugging him Four dogs After the rescuers returned to their home to rescue them.

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Heavy rains and flooding in Rio Grande do Sul have caused disaster At least 107 people were killed. Others 136 It is reported as Missing And more 230 thousand were displacedaccording to state authorities. There is no official number of dead animals Or they went missing, but local media put the number at several thousand.

A short distance from where Caramelo was rescued, Kanoa pet owners celebrated as they lined up to receive donations at a temporary animal shelter organized by volunteers.

He added: “With so much bad news, this rescue operation gives people here some hope.” Guilherme Santos, 23 years old, while searching for food for her puppies. “If they can save one horse, why can’t they save all the horses?” Dogs that are still missing? “Sure we can do that.”

Carla SassiThe president of GRAD, a Brazilian non-profit organization that works to rescue animals after disasters, said she is currently meeting with Canoa Island authorities to discuss emergency procedures to rescue pets.

The Brazilian government has published account numbers on social networks where international donations can be received.

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