Cedillo announced that BUAP Medicine will have a new building

BUAP Medicine announces new building, Lilia Cedillo announces. Photo: special

With its accredited programs, the BUAP Medical College Demonstrates the teamwork of its members, so it is a matter of pride to belong to it as a teacher, and emphasizes President Lilia Cedillo Ramirezwho announced Construction of a new building.

The above after listening to Guillermo Vázquez de Lara’s first work report.

“The work they did was not easy. advanced in this college, one of the largest in our university and without a doubt the most sought after. It is no coincidence that when we apply for In the health service we always find one of its graduates ”, expression.

Sedio Ramirez admitted his director’s performance, Especially because of the conditions in which he worked and the challenges involved in responding to the epidemic: “We have come from a period of transition and now Dr. Guillermo Vazquez de Larra Take the helm and give direction to a safe port. I know of important work that this The Unity Council and I appreciate the accreditation of the Bachelor of Medicine, all this is the pride of the university students.”


At that ceremony, the university president announced the construction of a new building, a An area that contributes to the development of the teaching and research work of this academic unitWhich he said worked hard.

First work report

during his presentation, Vasquez de Lara Cisneros Remember that BUAP Medical College Over 190 years of training health professionals with a profession of service and social commitment, are highly qualified, as well as enjoy National and international recognition.

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Five Bachelor’s degrees are currently offered, two Associate Professional Programs, Two master’s degrees and 22 residencies at 36 hospital sitesWith the enrollment of 8 thousand 985 students. Your staff It consists of 60 administrators and 328 teachers.

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mentioned that Conditions deriving from the pandemic have posed new challenges in terms of teachingGiven the importance of practice in the races they offer. In light of this scenario, different strategies have been selected to align with professional practice in the 2021 and 2022 periods. Structured theoretical and practical courses for continuing education, with the aim of enhancing knowledge.

Another aspect highlighted in this report is Reaccreditation of the Bachelor of Medicine by the Mexican Council for Accreditation of Medical Education (Comaem), which evaluated study programmes, student profiles, infrastructure and teaching quality, As well as preparing teachers.

Vázquez de Lara Cisneros stated that the Professional photographer Already have CIEES Level 1 accreditation; The Master of Medical Sciences and Research belongs to CONASET National Postgraduate Quality Registry.


As mentioned that they have Certification of 22 medical specialties; Agreements are valid with at least 36 hospital centers where students complete their academic preparation; establishment of the Commission for Gender Equality; procedures to support academic operations; physical plant maintenance; s Projects such as the Academic Model for Healthcare Delivery (MAPAS) with the University of Texas at Austin.

He thanked Cedillo Ramirez for his support Administrators, their fellow teachers, and administrative staffWho accompanied him in this work at the head of one The university’s most emblematic colleges.

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