He faced a shark head-on and was able to take a picture of it from an angle like never before

Moments of tension, fear and surprise experienced by a man from Southampton, UK. In the middle of a transatlantic voyage, I came across a great white shark and captured the moment Through the many postcards he shared on social networks.

it’s about Jack Jarvisa soldier who raised more than 62,000 euros thanks to register world arrived: 4,500 nautical miles traveled between Portugal and Miami for 111 days. Although from the very beginning in which I sailed, from the coast of southern Europe, in December 2021, everything was carried out normally, Jarvis experienced something he had never imagined: getting close to a shark.

Jack Jarvis set a record after rowing across the Atlantic, from Portugal to FloridaBBC J

in remarks with the middle Daily StarAnd the The 28-year-old gave more details of what happened and talked about his journey. “I saw some amazing wild animals… a marlin shark. It was the oceanic white-headed shark. I was rowing. I saw a fin in the water, it was like a moment Sharkreally exciting ”, he presented in connection with the legendary 1975 film.

And he narrated about his relationship with the marine animal: “She was near my boat, I reached out to my Go Pro and got some nice pictures of it. Everyone told me ‘you are crazy’Although he was aware that his actions were not among the safest, he clarified: “I thought that while I could watch him and not lose sight of him, I felt safe Because I thought if he got any closer than I wanted, I would take my hand out of the water.”

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On the other hand, Jarvis explained that the shark surrounded him for 5 or 10 minutes, and then left. “Maybe he was as surprised as I am.”, He said. Among the animals he found in the ocean, Jarvis also remembered the moment he encountered Marilyn. With this scenario, he confirmed that the fish once rocked his boat.

“You get used to knowing what it feels like to ride on a wave and this was different. It hit my boat and basically shookI thought it wasn’t a wave when I saw the gray outline of the marlin. Then I used a file Go Pro To take pictures, and that was when I looked at them and said: “Wow, Marilyn.”to remember.

On the left, the shark he bumped into;  On the right, a fish Martin
On the left, the shark he bumped into; On the right, a fish MartinBBC Jack Jarvis

In addition to these experiences, Jarvis experienced other moments that are also preserved in his memory. In an interview with the mediator Bible boyAnd the He expressed that there were cases in which he had expressed serious concern. It was the most complicated point in the past 36 hours. There was a current from south to north The wind was strong.”

Despite the adversities, Jack recounts that the best moment was when he arrived near the end of his journey and was reunited with his family. After planning for two years and spending 111 days at sea, he finally achieved his world record. As for the money he collected, it all went to him Brain Trust, a charitable foundation Helps people diagnosed with brain tumors and cancer.

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