Vida cancels mandate: Morena’s ‘distraction’

By this, on September 2, the vote of the senators was almost unanimously achieved (98 in favour, 2 abstained), the conflict between the 4T and the opposition was opened, and it was prevented, as Morena’s leader in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, that INS “legitimizes”.

“Let us not allow the Iraqi National Institute or any independent body to replace us; let us not allow independent bodies to usurp functions that, however powerful, have no reason to violate the principle of legality, that is not the case.”

Other provisions have also been approved that Moreno now rejects, arguing that the INE seeks to censor free speech, or “oppress” Moreno’s loyal leaders for promoting the practice.

Among them, those stipulated in Article 33 of the Federal Law to Abolish Mandate and which instruct the National Elections Institute to monitor the media, the press and electronic media, in order to ensure equality in the spaces of information, public opinion and/or broadcasting.

There is an order that from the call until the end of voting day, “The publication in the media of all government propaganda of any government order shall be suspended.”

Later in the same section, it was specified that “the use of public resources for collecting signatures, as well as for the purposes of promotion and publicity in connection with de-authorization operations, is prohibited.”

On September 7, the House plenary approved those minutes without any changes.

However, in the discussion, Morena made seven reservations and PT 13, but none of them were suitable in practice, they asked for a change of words and in fact, they only served to occupy the podium.

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Neither Morena nor its allies in any of them objected to the system of restrictions imposed on the activity of public officials in collecting signatures or in publishing advice, which they are now seeking to amend via the “Decree”.

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