CB Rinconada plays a card

Badminton is played in Rinconada on the last day. The corner players will host the badminton Ravachul Pontevedra on their home turf next Saturday, May 1, at 6:30 pm, in a match that will be a true final for Antonio Molina’s men who, if they win, will get their long-awaited ticket to the qualifiers. From the national competition.

To do so, they must defeat badminton Ravachul Pontevedra, the latest in the table and team ranking where there are some former corner players, such as Manuel Priya or Xavi Sanchez. The first leg was more than controversial, as Al-Ittihad forced Al-Zawiya’s players to travel to Galician lands, with two players confined. The match ended in a resounding defeat at the hand of the visitor, three points that Badminton Rinconada may remember on Saturday.

Although the goal of the semi-final round was almost an unavoidable requirement at Kian Fernando Martin at the start of the season, the complex health situation means that foreign players, one of the team’s most important assets, cannot participate in any regular league match. The team will be seriously diminished for the League Championship. For all these reasons, Badminton Rinconada did her best to achieve at least her ranking towards the semi-finals and the illusion that she was able to get a ticket to the European Championship, something she could achieve if she reached the final of the competition.

Undoubtedly, the first and most important thing is to win next Saturday to achieve the goal, which is why he will have his entire national team. As the hottest novelty, Antonio Molina has once again provided Carlos Perez, positively confined to Madrid’s high-performance residence, Plume Residence.

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For the game, Antonio Molina wants Fernando Martin to remember those fabulous evenings in a packed suite. With the running times, this situation would not be possible due to the limited capacity, but if you want Fernando Martin to be a cauldron for Saturday: “We know very well that our fans are accustomed to great nights, at the end of the tournament from Spain to the European Championships, Euro titles, But you have to know that for us, the simple truth of reaching the Final is really an extraordinary gift, which is why it will be important for our people to support us in a major game for us. Aspirations. ” Regarding his team, Molina comments: “Although we did not play as well as expected in Arjonilla, we have no time to complain. We have reviewed and corrected our mistakes and are ready for this match. The boys and girls are excited about it. Live to qualify again. The final stage of the tournament, After all we have been through, it will be very special. We have been the team most affected by the epidemic but there is nothing to regret, just to show our work. It’s amazing. “

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