The UK will give the green light to a Level 3 self-driving car this year: regulation begins

The British government It was one of the first companies to announce that it would regulate the use of semi-autonomous vehicles on the country’s highways.

The first vehicles equipped with Automated lane keeping systems (ALKS for its English acronym) could start spreading on public roads later this year, but with some restrictions.

Be careful when using the word “independent”

As announced by the British Department of Transport, the first step towards regulating self-driving cars is the so-called ALKS (Automated track keeping system).

Designed for use in slow traffic, it will allow its use The top speed is 60 km / h, As established by the United Nations.

The system, which approaches SAE Level 3, allows the vehicle to self-drive in a single lane and control lateral and longitudinal movements, while maintaining the ability to return control to the driver when necessary.

At this level, drivers no longer need to keep their hands on the steering wheel, but should be able to regain control within a specified period of time if requested by the lane keeping system.

Consequently, the regulation approved by the United Nations includes a commitment by car manufacturers to introduce systems that recognize the availability of drivers.

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These systems Check for the driver every 30 seconds (Which should be with a seatbelt) as you provide it to take back control.

The British government believes that technology can improve road safety by reducing human error “which contributes to more than 85% of accidents” and creating jobs.

Insurance companies have warned that both manufacturers and regulators should make this clear to consumers – to avoid accidents – It is not an independent command systemAnd that the driver’s attention remains vital.

“Aside from the lack of technical capabilities, by calling the ALKS ‘automatic’, our concern is also that the UK government is contributing to the confusion and frequent misuse of driving assistance systems that unfortunately has already led to many tragic deaths,” He said Matthew Avery, director of research at Thatcham Research, who has tested ALKS systems.

Honda Sensing Elite

Honda SENSING Elite.

Level 2 is where they move Tesla AutopilotOr Audi’s Traffic Jam Assist, Cadillac Super Cruise, BMW’s Driving Assistant Plus, or Nissan ProPilot Assist.

One step above we find new proposals such as Ford’s BlueCruise (which will land first in the US), Honda SENSING Elite or Mercedes-Benz and the new S-Class, but in the case of the German saloon it will not reach other European roads until 2022.

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