Catherine Zeta-Jones shines in a black bikini: “The sun has risen”

Catherine Zeta-Jones He is stunned in a selfie that was shared Wednesday on Instagram.

52-year-old man an actress She posed for the camera in a black bikini with a beige lining.

It’s “sunrise” comment the picture Before adding the smiley sun emoji.

Michael Douglas His son Cameron Douglas left a fire emoji in the post’s comments.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones feel the memory of a birthday

Other social media users joked that they wish the weather was nice where they are.

“Wind and rain here in the UK,” one person wrote. “Take advantage of the fact that you’re not jealous.”

“You don’t have to be in LA now,” said another Los Angeles rainy weather commentator. “Lol happy new year to you and your family”.

Catherine Zeta-Jones was surprised in a bikini selfie that was shared on Instagram during the holiday season.
(Photo de Rich Fiori/Getty Images)

The “Mask of Zorro” actress enjoys maintaining a decent and healthy lifestyle. She shared videos of her dancing and doing yoga on social media.

In July, the Oscar-winning actress shared a video of her. practice flow yoga on a yacht. Zeta-Jones wore a black backless top as she walked with her plate on a dog upside down.

Zeta Jones for W magazine His obsessions with exercise are “swimming, tennis, peloton, my home gym, tap dancing.”

Michael Douglas’ son Cameron left a fiery emoji in the post’s comments, while other social media users jokingly said they wish the weather was nice where they were.
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images for Turner)

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The Welsh actress also spoke about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine on her mental health.

“It’s an easy time to procrastinate and procrastinate and put things in the back of our minds, it all adds up,” he said. Explained in an interview With a new beauty. “All little things can be made bigger and bigger very quickly. What helps me is looking at the big picture and saying, ‘Okay, I didn’t do that today, but that’s fine,’ and then I wake up again tomorrow and do it. We can always change the course of our day.”

Zeta-Jones has spoken about her active and healthy lifestyle in several interviews.

Zeta-Jones has spoken about her active and healthy lifestyle in several interviews.
(Photo by Matt Winkelmayer/Getty Images)


“We can do this using a toolkit of techniques, either by meditating, eating well, or arranging our spaces, or by focusing on what’s important at the time and just saying, ‘You have to wait. I don’t see this as a postponement; “I consider it a priority,” he added. “The most important thing is ‘healthy mind, healthy body.’ I find that it mainly comes from having healthy thoughts and doing good things for yourself and others.

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