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Enter Architect Catalina March The Board of Directors of Banca March, the only Spanish bank in 100% family owned, after the resignation of his father, Juan March Delgado, As a member owned by the entity’s highest governing body, in which has been a part for nearly three decades.

After the change announced on Monday, according to the bank in a I mentioned, that the number of board members is still at 13, including three They are executives, five are independent, and another five are owned by Familia Mars-. In this way, the entity confirms that it complies with international standards. Tighter corporate governance.

Catalina March Joan is the fourth woman on the board of directors In the bank, along with Maria Antonia Otero and Ugatha Echevarria, both directors Independents, and Executive Vice President, Rita Rodriguez.

Council sources show that the gradual inclusion of A new generation of the bank’s founding family for nearly 100 years Renew Shareholders’ Commitment to Shared Growth, Motto of the entity, through a “unique and non-repeatable” business model.

Degree in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and MA in Art History from the University of Glasgow (UK), Catalina Marsh Joan is the cousin of the CEO of the entity, Juan March de la Astra, and Juan March’s sister Juan, counselor

Although it is a family entity, it has executive functions Divided between three people, two of them – the vice president and CEO – It has nothing to do with the month of March.

In this way, the President leads matters of strategy and finance; Vice President, Rita Rodriguez, leads the areas of human resources, Media, Digital Transformation, Operations, Branding and Communication; NS CEO, José Luis Acea, is responsible for all of the subsidiaries
work fields.

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